This little trick has been around for quite some time. But if you are a new iPhone user, or plan on becoming a new iPad user soon, listen up! If you are using Google’s email service, then there’s a good chance you are using Google’s calendar and their contact management system.  This holds especially true for you, former Android users, who are forced to use the previously mentioned services by design.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Cody, I already have my Gmail setup on my iPhone,” and you’re probably right. But if you set it up as an actual Gmail account and not under the ‘Exchange’ account profile, you might be missing out on some cool features. Setup as an Exchange account, your Gmail can automatically sync your contacts, your calendars, and even push your email! The best part is, it’s so easy, let me show you how…

First you are going to want to start creating a new email account. Head into your ‘’ and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Choose to add an account and instead of Gmail, select Microsoft Exchange. Enter in the stuff you already know like your email address, your username (generally just your email address), and your password.

It doesn’t matter what you put under description, mine says ‘Google Sync’ if that helps you out. Leave the domain field blank as well, you won’t need it. Once completed, hit the ‘next’ button in the top right hand corner. Now a new text field called ‘Server’ should appear.

Here you are going to type, that’s your server. I know it’s hard, but continue to leave that domain field blank and hit next. Voila! It should now be asking you which applications you’d like to sync and then you are finished!

You should notice your Google contacts appearing in your ‘’, as well as your calendar events syncing. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away, depending on your connection it could take several minutes for your information to push through.

The best part about this setup is that it actually pushes your email to you, much like a blackberry. When someone sends a message, it immediately appears in your iPhone’s Gmail inbox, without the need to open the ‘’ or refresh it.

This is the way your email on your phone should work. Seamlessly syncing your calendar and contact info, while getting you your messages quickly. Is anyone using this setup or something better for their Gmail? ? Let us know in the comments!

  • Krystle Cline

    Thank you SOOOO much. Genious; this just saved me HOURS of time!

  • will it auto sync when i add an contact to my contact list on my iphone .?

  • Tried this with my iPad 2 – it says my ‘account cannot be verified’.

  • So glad I found this post.. Finally got my Gmail contacts on my phone!!

  • Denis Dergic

    I’ve been searching all day how to easily move my contacts froom google to my iphone as I’ve moved from an android phone with all contacts in google(Gmail) to an iPhone and needed an easy way to import all contacts and this is the only way it worked, thanks a lot!!

  • Mark LaVally

    Great article thanks for the insight

  • woah, it worked, i spent a LONG time trying to get there, which i did in 5 minutes with this information…. one thing, the account contact i used was my google information, i.e. account / pw/ etc. (I have several accts on my phone, work and home email and now gmail).

  • Nick Prestia

    I have 467 gmail contacts.only 53 contacts went to my phone & 3 of them came from icloud. Can anyone help.

  • nerdmex

    Thanks I was going crazy keeping to diferent sets of contacts and calendars and there, I´m going to translate this to spanish

  • Thank you for this quick and easy guide to setting up Gmail as an Exchange account. I’ve got a new iPhone and this has helped tremendously in cleaning up the horrible mess of imported and out-of-date contacts. Nice to finally have things in one place.

  • scottv

    Heads up if you’ve enabled 2-step verification on your Google account. I had to create and then enter for the server an application-specific password to verify my account via this guidance —

  • This worked brilliantly!! Thank you so much for the info!

  • thank you! this worked perfectly and saved me a lot of headache! i appreciate you putting this on the web for the clueless and needy like myself 🙂 thanks!!

  • Milly Robertson

    So I did this and it worked, it loaded all the contacts from gmail onto my phone. It did not take the contacts from the phone and put them into gmail, however. Kind of strange! Any ideas on this?

  • Jessica Schultze

    Worked for me! I put in my username to be the same as my email but with no “”. Thanks!


    thanks for the help works perfect. if your password is invalid go to gmail account on the computer and log in and keep it log in and then try it worked for me.

  • Will

    It was going so well.

    When I go to phone, there are no number shown. If you click on groups, it gives icloud (which I haven’t set up yet) and “gmail acct for sync” which is the one I just set up as above. If you click on the latter, it gives a search box. If I type in a name from my contacts list it says ‘search failed’.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

  • Krys

    Thanks for this. I had been having trouble transferring contacts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone. This did the job effectively.

  • Chuck Young

    I tried this and when I get at the end it just says done, no option to sync??

  • Chuck Young

    Sorry if this post 2x — When I get to the end of the setup as described I do not have a option to sync, only Done.

  • doreen

    Hi I just tried this because I wanted to backup my iPhone contacts into my gmail account.however, I can’t find any new updated contacts from my gmail. Any idea what’s happening? Greatly appreciate if you reply!

  • Catherine Widdowson

    Hi, I have done all this done the CAPCHA and it took all info, went verify then stopped, no next highlighted, no contacts an ideas please? TIA