The best Apple Watch travel apps for an easier trip

Best Apple Watch Travel Apps - iTranslate Converse

There’s no easier way to keep up with your travel arrangements than right from your wrist. With Apple Watch travel apps, you can check your flight, view your accommodations, look for restaurants, translate a language, and convert currency.

If you’re getting ready for your next trip, make sure to check out our list of the best Apple Watch travel apps to make your journey a bit easier.

The Spoke makes it simple to find TV shows, movies, and restaurants you’ll love

find tv shows

The Spoke - Search Socially app makes it easier to find TV shows and movies that match your interests. Better still, the app shows you where you can watch that content in just a few steps. It also offers reviews and information on local restaurants and similar establishments. Not surprisingly, The Spoke app also includes a social component that lets you share your likes and dislikes with others. Here's a brief look at The Spoke. 

Catch ‘em all using Yelp’s built-in PokéStop filter

Pokémon Go's burgeoning community has been painstakingly creating and maintaining a detailed Google map of PokéStops and gym locations found in specific spots around the world. Actually, whole websites have sprung up dedicated to the Internet phenomenon that seems to be taking the word by storm. Now Yelp developers have decided to jump in on the action with a new PokéStop filter in their mobile app.

Yelp updated for iPhone 6 screen sizes

Apple's latest and greatest smartphones are more than a month old now, but many popular apps have not yet refreshed to take advantage of the bigger 4.7 and 5.5-inch canvases with more pixels (the price you pay for being an early adopters). Yelp is feeling your pain, too.

Monday, they issued a long awaited update to Yelp's iOS app for crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses.

Yes, it has native display support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but that's not all: there's a new Directions button to help take you from A to B in a more efficient manner, by telling you how long it'll take to walk or drive to the business.

The update has rolled and is now live in the App Store.

Yelp app updated with new Bing Translator feature for foreign reviews

Yelp announced a new feature for its mobile app this week called 'automated review translation.' The feature will allow users to translate foreign language reviews with the tap of a button, making it the perfect companion for folks traveling abroad.

Reviews are translated using Microsoft's 'Bing Translator' tech, and can be done one at a time, or as a group. Yelp says that the feature works for all 15 of its officially supported languages, which includes German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and French...

Yelp app updated with new video review feature

Yelp posted an update for its mobile app yesterday that's been garnering quite a bit of buzz in the tech community. The update, which brings the client to version 8.1, adds a new feature that enables users to post and view video reviews.

Using your iPhone, you can now take 3-12 second videos of your experiences at your favorite bar or business and post them to Yelp via the mobile app. You can also view videos in-app, giving you a better idea of a place's atmosphere...

Yelp updated with local movie listings, in-app ticket purchasing, and more

Yelp has posted a nice little update for its iOS client today. The update, which brings the app to version 7.4, sports a number of new features including movie listings and in-app movie ticket purchasing courtesy of Fandango.

Also new in the app is in-line review business photos. Yelp now shows business photos taken by Yelp users next to their review, so you can get a better idea of how popular a club is, or how delicious a particular entree was...

Yelp updated with new SeatMe feature for making restaurant reservations

Folks looking to take advantage of the holidays this week by venturing out to their favorite eating spots may want to check out the latest version of Yelp. The iOS client was updated today with a new feature that allows you to make restaurant reservations from within the app.

The new feature is the direct result of Yelp's summer acquisition of SeatMe, a tech start-up that developed a solution for making online reservations at popular food and drink locations, and reduces the friction between discovering a great place on Yelp and experiencing it...

Yelp app updated with new photo viewer, improved search and more

The folks over at Yelp have been on a roll in recent weeks. Following the addition of the ability to order food, and the 7.0 release earlier this month, the popular ratings and review site has issued another update for its mobile client.

Today's update, which brings the app to version 7.1, brings about a handful of new features and improvements. This includes an all-new photo viewer for scoping out restaurants and businesses, improved search function, and more...

Yelp update allows users to post reviews directly from the app

Yelp has posted an update for its iOS app this morning, bringing the client to version 7.0. The update doesn't include a lot of new features, but it does bring about one significant change: users can now post reviews to the site directly from the app.

The move has been a long time coming—users have long been calling for the ability to post to Yelp from within the app. The company has allowed users to post Tips from the mobile client in the past, but they can now post full-length assessments...

Yelp iOS app updated with new feature for ordering food

Popular rating and review service Yelp has posted an update for its iOS application today, bringing the app to version 6.9.1. The update only really includes one new notable feature, but it's a big one: the ability to order food without leaving the app.

That's right, in the new version of Yelp, you can actually order food for pickup or delivery—provided the option is available. So if you're browsing the app, and come across a restaurant review that makes your mouth water, you can order it instantly...

Jobs’ advice to Yelp CEO: don’t go Google

It was one of those classic Jobs moments Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman will never forget. He was in a middle of a conference call with venture capitalists as Steve Jobs called in to offer a word of advice regarding a takeover bid from Google. In hindsight, Jobs wanted Yelp to stay independent as Apple had big plans with iOS 6 Maps and Siri that included Yelp...