Apple Maps could feature Yelp check-ins in iOS 6

Bloomberg reports that iOS 6 will have Yelp check-ins integrated with Apple’s in-house mapping solution, allowing people to use built-in Maps app to let friends know about their location.

This capability has apparently been discovered inĀ materials Apple distributed to software developers…

How Apple’s casual search engine Siri is containing Google search on iOS

Steve Jobs used to defend hisĀ “thermonuclear” option against Android by stressing how Apple did not enter the search space while Google had decided to challenge the iPhone with its Android.

Jobs’ words no longer hold true. With Siri, an AI-driven personal digital assistant, Apple has begun slowly but surely eating into Google’s significant search traffic coming from iOS devices.

As such, Siri is emerging as a key tool for casual search on iOS devices. And with iOS 6, Apple is expanding her reach with new alliances, making it easier for users to bypass Google, especially for local search…