Yelp app updated with new photo viewer, improved search and more

yelp 7 ss

The folks over at Yelp have been on a roll in recent weeks. Following the addition of the ability to order food, and the 7.0 release earlier this month, the popular ratings and review site has issued another update for its mobile client.

Today’s update, which brings the app to version 7.1, brings about a handful of new features and improvements. This includes an all-new photo viewer for scoping out restaurants and businesses, improved search function, and more…

Here are your [hilarious] release notes for Yelp 7.1:

– Two of our summer interns, Max and Alton, locked themselves into a conference room back in May with a three-month supply of Red Bull and Power Bars. When they emerged this week they were sporting glorious beards and presented us with a brand new photo viewer and search filter ui. Now all photos display who added them and who liked them and Yelp search got even more powerful with lots of new attributes that you can filter by.
– We’ve improved our review highlights – now tap any review highlight to browse through all the reviews that mention it!
– Finally, we are now indicating places you’ve bookmarked in your search results. You’re probably wondering why we didn’t do this earlier, to which we sheepishly shrug.

I’m really digging the new photo viewer. It displays photos in full screen across your display with subtle overlays for the image’s caption, the navigation bar and information regarding the poster such as their profile pic and Yelp history.

The other changes I don’t readily notice as much. But then again I rarely use the search function. Nine times out of ten, if I’m in the Yelp app, I was led there by clicking on an external link. I do like that it’s easier to access reviews though.

All told, it’s a solid update, and one worth grabbing even if you don’t use the app very often. As always, you can find Yelp in the App Store, for both the iPhone and iPad, for free.