Yahoo to launch new iOS weather app and iPad email client tomorrow

According to well-informed sources, Internet giant Yahoo will tomorrow release two new iOS applications, one a standalone weather software and the other an iPad version of its native email client. The news arrives hot on the heels of last week's claim by The Wall Street Journal, which has it on good authority that Apple and Yahoo are "in very early stages" of deepening their partnership in order to grow Yahoo's presence on mobile devices as Apple continues to push itself further away from Google...

Yahoo and Apple said to be in talks over deeper iPhone partnership

It looks like Yahoo could stand to gain from the war that has broken out between Apple and Google. Now that the iPad-maker has cleared nearly every trace of Google from the stock iOS experience (besides web search), it's apparently in the market for a new partner.

And that partner could just be the Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo. The web company already provides data for a few iOS apps, including Weather, Stocks and Siri. And according to a new report, it's in talks with Apple to take that relationship to the next level...

Yahoo to buy mobile news start-up Summly for $30 million

Yahoo! announced today that it will be acquiring mobile news start-up Summly. The deal, said to be worth around $30 million, is for both the app and the team, and is expected to close sometime in the next few months.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Summly created and maintains the popular news-summarizing iPhone app of the same name. It uses special algorithms to deliver 'snapshots' of stories that match a users' interests...

Flickr updated with comment alerts, @username tags, volume shutter and more

After a long time, I recently fell in love with Yahoo's Flickr service, all over again. I mean, not everyone is on Facebook. More importantly, Instagram leaves a lot to be desired in terms of screen resolution so Flickr, which stores original-res photos, is becoming increasingly relevant to my iPhoneography workflow. The freshly updated software now supports @username tagging (with tags linked to users' photo stream) and can notify you via push alerts when someone tags you in their comment.

And if you happen to find the volume shutter feature of the stock iOS Camera app useful, you're going to love this update as it lets you snap a photo using your iPhone's volume up button. The program also includes a few other improvements, mentioned right below...

How to copy Instagram photos to Flickr

Instagram's exploding popularity is having long-time iPhoneography buffs pay notice and watch in horror as mainstream users cannot get enough of its filters and max 1080 pixel wide resolution. And with Facebook and Android now in the picture, no wonder some early adopters go to the extremes of closing their account while others, like Apple's marketing honcho, stopped using Instagram for it "jumped the shark".

To the most ardent fans, the last straw was Instagram's confusing handling of the recent terms of service changes - even if it was much ado about nothing.

If you've been seriously contemplating importing your Instagram photos over to Flickr but were put off by the tedious manual uploads - worry not, turns out there are a few ways to get that job done without too much fuss. iDB has you covered with this quick guide to bringing in all your Instagram photos to Flickr with just a few clicks.

Yahoo updates Flickr app with the obligatory Instagram-like filters

Following Instagram's update that added a new Willow filter and yesterday's big refresh of Twitter's iOS client that now lets you crop a photo and apply up to eight brand new filters before tweeting it out, Yahoo too has joined the fray by revamping its aging Flickr iOS client this morning. And guess what? The redesigned app also touts filters as Yahoo attempts to stay relevant in the social photography space. There are sixteen unique camera filters to choose from, twice as much as in Twitter's app (and also powered by Aviary). More features and screenies right after the break...

Yahoo releases brand new Mail app for the iPhone

Surely you must remember Yahoo! Mail? The more than 310 million people who still use it swear it's the best webmail service out there, bar none. If you're a fan of Yahoo's email offering, you'll be delighted to learn that the search firm today released a brand new iOS email client. It's got the basic you'd want from an email app nailed: the clean inbox view with infinite scrolling, auto-complete for email addresses you type, notifications for incoming email messages, multiple message selection, swiping left and right for quick access to options, in-line images, search across folders and more...

The iPhone 5 is the top searched gadget of 2012 on Yahoo and Bing

Samsung reigns supreme in handsets, but Apple's iPhone continues to pique consumer interest like no other gadget. The easiest way to figure out what consumers want is to comb through logs of major web search properties. Yahoo is out today with their annual top searches and the results are hardly surprising.

The iPhone 5 was the top searched for gadget in 2012: it's managed to beat Kim Kardashian for the most searched for term overall in 2012. Matter of fact, three of Apple's gadgets landed at the top of Yahoo's year in review list. Looking beyond units sold, it's clear where the public’s heart lies...

Former Googler Mayer wants iPhones for Yahoo

Ironies are everywhere in Silicon Valley. Take new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, for instance. Mayer spent 13 years at Google -- Ground Zero for Android -- yet now is considering buying every Yahoo employee an iPhone. Seems workers at the search company are a polyglot bunch when it comes to phones with many using BlackBerries, Android handsets and iPhones, of course.

It's not clear why Mayer settled on the iPhone instead of Android, but one unnamed source "familiar with Mayer's thinking" told BusinessInsider that the goal is to "get consistency across the company." However, early on Mayer professed interest in the iPhone, showing up at a press meet-and-greet with an Apple handset. She later went on to explain: "I use lots of phones."

Yahoo releases new Axis web browser for iOS

In an ongoing effort to prove it can stay relevant in the mobile space, Yahoo quietly released a new web browser for iOS last night. Dubbed Axis, the app combines search and browsing into one experience, "so you can rip through the web."

Axis is a universal application, as it works on both the iPhone and iPad. And if you've been looking for a new way to browse the web on your iOS device, it might actually be worth taking a look at...

How much Google pays Apple to get its search onto iOS devices

While it's true that users can switch between Google, Bing and Yahoo when deciding which search engine to use in Safari on iOS, it's debatable as to whether anyone does actually change it. We're going to put our money on the percentage being on the low side!

That's why being the default search option on iOS is so important. If you're the one chosen out of the box, then the chances are you'll be the one that gets the vast majority of hits from users. Right now, that default choice is Google, and they pay handsomely for the privilege according to Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter.

Just how handsomely, you ask?

Yahoo Rolls Out New App Search Page

You have to feel bad for Yahoo. The one-time dominate web company now seems to be constantly staving off the thought of bankruptcy as a result of failing to transition into the mobile market as its counterparts have.

But that doesn't mean that it's giving up on the mobile world. Last year, the company launched an iOS app to help you search for mobile applications. And now it's just unveiled a web-based portal with a similar function...