InstaURL: Search Google, Bing, or Yahoo From Anywhere

InstaURL is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to perform web searches from anywhere on your iDevice.

Similar to QuickGoogle and QuickSafari,┬áInstaURL isn’t alone when it comes to tweaks of this nature.

Is it different enough to warrant paying the $0.99? Check inside for the full video walkthrough…


Personally, I will always prefer QuickGoogle because it allows Google searches from anywhere and it’s free.

QuickSafari costs $0.99, but it also includes a full search history for users to reference.

The main difference with InstaURL is that it allows you to search Yahoo and Bing as well. If that’s a compelling enough reason for you, then InstaURL might be worth the buck.

Let me know what you think about InstaURL in the comments section below.