Specbreak circumvents jailbreak detection in the Spectrum TV app

If you try to load the Spectrum TV app on your jailbroken device, you won’t have much luck. Just like a handful of other apps from the App Store, Spectrum TV performs a jailbreak check before loading to see if your device has been tampered with in any way. If it comes back positive, then the app displays the screen you see above.

As bothersome as these jailbreak checks can be, talented developers almost always find ways around them, and a new free jailbreak tweak called Specbreak by iOS developer Tatsh happens to fall into that category.

How to login with Comcast Xfinity on unsupported Apple TV apps

I've been catching up with AMC's The Walking Dead on my iPad because AMC didn't offer a dedicated Apple TV app until last week. As soon as the Apple TV app was made available, I tried logging in using the same Comcast Xfinity credentials I used on the iPad app, but to my surprise, Xfinity was not an option.

How could Xfinity be an option on the AMC app for iPad but not for Apple TV? Does it have anything to do with rights and what devices can be used to watch certain shows? Honestly, I have no idea, but as I complained about this issue on the latest episode of Let's Talk iOS, a listener was quick to email me with a simple workaround.

Glitch discovered in iOS 7.1 lets you hide stock apps

Folks who updated to iOS 7.1 earlier this month may be interested in this newly-discovered glitch that allows you to hide stock iOS apps. It's very similar to last year's Newsstand glitch, in that it involves a multi-step process and doesn't [obviously] require a jailbreak.

The glitch is present on both iPhones and iPads, and is relatively easy to exploit. All you have to do, essentially, is create a folder full of apps you wish to hide, drop it in another folder, and then remove it. Interested? Keep reading for a full step-by-step video tutorial...

Workaround allows Touch ID to recognize more than 5 fingerprints

One of the features of Touch ID is the ability to capture and save up to 5 different fingerprints. This not only allows you to unlock your iPhone with both of your hands, but it also allows you to give multiple users access.

Try to save a sixth fingerprint, however, and you'll find you're unable to—the option to add a new fingerprint gets disabled after 5 saves. That is, unless you use this little workaround to register multiple prints to each save...

New hack allows you to run Plex on Apple TV without jailbreaking

Good news third-gen Apple TV owners! A new hack has surfaced for the popular set-top box that doesn't require a jailbreak. As most of you know, the ATV3 hasn't been jailbroken since its release last year, and there's no word on when or if it will happen.

The hack, referred to as 'PlexConnect,' essentially allows you to run Plex media center software on your Apple TV, enabling you to playback various types of content from your local network on your big screen. And all it takes is a single settings change...

How to get directions in Google Maps via Siri, no jailbreak required

After months of rumors and speculation, Google finally launched its standalone Maps app for iOS last week. And it's been pretty popular thus far. It's currently the top free app in the App Store, and it's also listed first in Apple's featured 'Maps' section.

The app does have some caveats though. Perhaps most notably, unlike the built-in Maps app, you can't get directions in Google Maps via Siri. Luckily, a workaround popped up over the weekend that takes care of that. And it doesn't require a jailbreak...

How to bypass iPad jailbreak detection on Amazon’s new video streaming app

Yesterday Amazon launched Amazon Instant Video, its new video streaming app for the iPad. The app lets you either stream or mark for download and later offline viewing any previously purchased video from Amazon. It also allows Amazon Prime users to stream over 120,000 videos for free.

Jailbreak users were quick to note that Amazon put a block in place to prevent them from using the app. As we reported this morning, Amazon even confirmed the problem, basically saying that if you are using a jailbroken iPad, there is nothing they can do for you.

But don't worry, as usual, the jailbreak community has your back...

How to Quickly Launch Apps With Siri

One of the glaring features that Apple left out of Siri is the ability to integrate with and launch apps. You can do all sorts of things with your voice and Siri, but you can't use third-party apps (short of a few exceptions and the services Apple officially partnered with for launch) or open apps with a voice command.

Thanks to the widely undocumented world of iOS URL schemes, you can actually trigger app shortcuts with Siri on your iPhone 4S. While it's not the cleanest method, there are tons of possibilities for quickly launching apps with Siri. Let's take a closer look...

How to Watch Apple’s Special Event Live on Windows

Yesterday we told you that Apple will be streaming their special event live but unfortunately, not all systems are supported. For example, if you are on Windows, you cannot watch the event.

There is always a workaround for everything though. Mac Rumors figured out a way to bypass the restrictions and play the video on any platform.