How to Watch Apple’s Special Event Live on Windows

Yesterday we told you that Apple will be streaming their special event live but unfortunately, not all systems are supported. For example, if you are on Windows, you cannot watch the event.

There is always a workaround for everything though. Mac Rumors figured out a way to bypass the restrictions and play the video on any platform.

For those who are desperate to watch the stream close to live, it seems likely that you will be able to watch it — at least in stops and starts. The HTTP Live Stream protocol is based on very standard technologies. The stream is simply provided in an MPEG2 playlist (m3u file) that is added to as the stream continues. These standard playlists will load in VLC for both Mac and Windows. VLC, for example, will play the above sample stream using this url:…rog_index.m3u8

VLC will load all parts of the stream into its own playlist. It works fine for this pre-recorded stream as the entire playlist is already constructed. The catch for tomorrow’s live transmission is that VLC doesn’t know that more will becoming, so it looks like you’ll have to repeatedly reload the playlist manually to get the next few segments. It’s not an elegant solution, but with some persistence, it seems like it will work.

It’s just a workaround so there may be issues with this. If you have an iPhone though, you shouldn’t have any problem watching the event live.