How to type superscript or subscript on Mac

Superscript means written or printed above the line, and subscript means written or printed below the line. While writing mathematical formulas (like exponent - 23), numerical suffixes (like 1st, 2nd, 3rd), copyright and trademark symbols, and so on, you may need to raise or lower some special characters or text. Sometimes you can also use these to give a reference (like Wikipedia does - Text [1]).

In this tutorial, we show you how to type raised or lowered characters on Mac.

WordPress launches native Mac app

If you blog in any capacity at all, chances are you're on WordPress, the world's top blogging platform that now powers one out of each four websites on the Internet. Automatic, the company behind WordPress, has been updating its mobile blogging app on a regular basis and today they're introducing a brand new WordPress for Mac app.

Billed as “a new way to write,” the free app lets you manage, edit and publish content to your WordPress-hosted or self-hosted sites and WordPress VIP ones.

The Mac app is available now alongside a thorough redesign of wordpress.com, both of which are also going open-source today with the launch.

WordPress for iOS gains WYSIWYG visual editor, in-line image management and more

Blogging on the go has just become a whole lot more easier thanks to an update issued to WordPress's mobile application in the App Store.

Bumped to version 4.8, the software at last brings out an all-new visual editor with additional text styling features and the ability to add images in-line, align them, access image formatting options and more.

What's more, the WYSIWYG editor takes the guessing work out of the equation as it renders your post as closely as possible to what it will look like when published, so you'll preview less and edit more.

Poster app acquired by WordPress.com owner Automattic

The blogging platform space has certainly seen some consolidating recently. First, Twitter rather infamously snapped up the rival micro-blogging platform Posterous only to kill it shortly after. Seeing what's coming, Posterous founders launched their new blogging thing, Posthaven.

If you blog on the go using your iPhone or iPad, chances are you've switched from the somewhat clunky WordPress iOS app to Poster, an elegant iOS blogging client by developer Tom Witkin. In a blog post Monday, Tom confirmed he sold out Poster to Automattic, a company which happens to run WordPress.com. Here's what you should expect if your daily blogging depends on either the Poster or WordPress app...

WordPress for iOS gets complete UI makeover in 3.6 update

Folks with WordPress-backed websites will be happy to hear that the blogging platform has posted a significant update to its iOS app today. The update, which brings the app to version 3.6, features a completely redesigned user interface, a new shortcut for posting, and several other improvements...

Trust Twitter and Google, not Apple, to protect you from government data demands

Well, this is certainly noteworthy. According to the third annual report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) titled "Who Has Your Back?", gadget giant Apple along with carriers AT&T and Verizon, Google's rival Yahoo and the forgotten social network MySpace all are very likely to give in to Uncle Sam's data demands.

Specifically, Apple and Yahoo scored one out of six possible stars, with Verizon and Yahoo rather ingloriously earning zero stars each. These companies' weak safeguard implementation does little to circumvent data demands and protect your private information from the government's prying eyes.

Whereas Apple and Yahoo only fight for users' privacy rights in Congress, companies like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Dropbox go to great lengths to ensure privacy of your data, earning four out of six stars each...

How Safari in iOS 6 handles media uploads

Those who run WordPress blogs probably use the mobile web interface as the official app is a mess.

Unfortunately, media uploads on websites are not supported in iOS 5, which makes it tough to add images to your posts on the go.

It's not just WordPress, Safari in iOS simply doesn't support media uploads. Luckily, beginning with iOS 6, Safari will finally deal with common HTML elements that web pages use to bring up the standard file browsing dialogue...

Tumblr iPhone App Updated, Brings Sleek New Dashboard

Tumblr has started making a name for itself as a viable blogging platform. For the longest time, Tumblr was considered the more lightweight and amateur version of established platforms like Wordpress. With over 30,000,000 monthly visitors, the micro-blogging platform has become a force to be reckoned with.

The folks at Tumblr have been making numerous changes to the platform, and now the service offers almost every blogging feature that you could think of. Tumblr takes a non-intrusive, social approach to blogging. The official Tumblr iPhone app was recently updated to support some of the new features of the website...