How Safari in iOS 6 handles media uploads

Those who run WordPress blogs probably use the mobile web interface as the official app is a mess.

Unfortunately, media uploads on websites are not supported in iOS 5, which makes it tough to add images to your posts on the go.

It’s not just WordPress, Safari in iOS simply doesn’t support media uploads. Luckily, beginning with iOS 6, Safari will finally deal with common HTML elements that web pages use to bring up the standard file browsing dialogue…

When Apple unveiled iOS 6 on Monday, one of the new features which only got a brief mention was a broader support for standard HTML elements. Among them: a regular HTML input element used on literally every site that requires any form of media upload.

Here, try this out yourself on your device (if you have iOS 6):

• go to in Safari and log in
• tap the icon in the upper left, scroll to the bottom and hit the Desktop Site link
• go to your Timeline by tapping on your profile name in the upper right
• tap the Photo link, then Upload Photo / Video and then hit the Choose File button

In iOS 5, you’re out of luck. iOS 6 correctly summons standard options to either take a photo or video on your device or choose media from your library.

iOS 6 now supports media uploads on websites

For more on how Safari in iOS 6 handles media uploads, check out Jeff’s video overview.

As for the WordPress app, The Next Web reports that an update “later this year” will enable media uploads in mobile Safari on both WordPress and, in time for iOS 6 release this fall.

I’m big on mobile blogging so this means a lot to me. Likewise, I’m sure many of you will find this enhancement a life savior in certain situations.

As we noted before, other Safari improvements in iOS 6 include full-screen browsing in landscape, iCloud Tabs that keeps track of which pages you have open on your devices, Offline Reading List and smart app banners that subtly remind visitors to your website that you have a native iOS app available (another way how Apple is sticking it to Google).

Are you excited about media uploads in iOS 6 Safari?