Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile no longer selling iPhones

Virgin Mobile appears to be getting out of the iPhone business as the handset is no longer available through the carrier's online store nor can any iPhone model be found using the search function, Zac Hall of 9to5Mac reported Friday.

Although the company provided no explanation for the move, the writing has been on the wall ever since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released last fall, with Virgin offering limited-to-no iPhone stock and treating would-be shoppers to an “out of stock” message.

Virgin Mobile launches contract-free LTE data sharing plans with unlimited talk and text

Wireless service plans for families are great until you realize that getting out of your contract often yields a huge penalty in the form of early termination fees and other dirty tactics carrier pull to discourage switching.

As announced Friday, Virgin Mobile USA, a prepaid wireless carrier wholly owned by Sprint, just started offering contract-free LTE data sharing plans that permit families to cancel the service if need be without breaking the bank.

Virgin Mobile brings contract-free iPhone 5s/5c down to just $385/$315

Virgin Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint, has discounted contract-free iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to just $385 and $315, respectively, representing significant savings over Apple's respective asking prices of $649 and $549 for the entry-level models with sixteen gigabytes of storage.

If you do the math quickly in your head, that's $264 off the iPhone 5s and $234 off the iPhone 5c. You'll need to sign up for one of Virgin's unlimited data plans starting at $35 per month ($30 if you choose to auto-pay by PayPal or your credit/debit car).

These deals are web exclusives and valid for a limited time only...

Virgin knocks another 20% off its iPhone selection

Yesterday, Cody informed you of Virgin Mobile's iPhone deal: the Sprint-owned MVNO has shaved another ten percet off its iPhone selection, bringing the cost of the 16GB iPhone 5s down to $495. The 32GB iPhone 5s was slashed to $585 and the 64GB variant dropped to $675, the latter just a little bit more than what you’d normally pay for an off-contract 16GB iPhone 5s.

I'm not sure whether Apple's earnings report had anything to do with it, but Virgin on Tuesday knocked another 20 percent off these devices. The discount extends to the iPhone 5c and iPhone 4 as well...

Virgin Mobile now offering unsubsidized iPhone 5s for $495, 5c for $405

Folks in the market for a prepaid iPhone may want to check out Virgin Mobile. The Sprint networked-backed MVNO has just shaved another 10% off its iPhone selection, bringing about some of the cheapest unsubsidized prices we've seen for the handset.

The discount brings the cost of the 16GB iPhone 5s down to $495, and the 32GB 5s down to $585. And if you want to go for the 64GB model, it'll only cost you $675—just a little bit more than you'd normally pay for a 16GB full retail...

Virgin Mobile lands iPhone 5s/5c, $100 off unsubsidized

Virgin Mobile, Sprint's prepaid brand, started offering the new iPhones for $100 less compared to Apple's official unsubsidized pricing. Both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are available with a $100 discount when purchased unsubsidized. This means Virgin Mobile customers can get the entry-level 16GB iPhone 5s for $549 (Apple's price: $649) or the colorful 16GB iPhone 5c for $449 (Apple's price: $549). Virgin's plans include unlimited data (throttled after 2.5GB) and start at just $30 a month. More details right below...

Contract-free iPhone 5s/5c launching on Virgin Mobile next Tuesday

Along with nine regional United States wireless carriers who yesterday announced October 1 availability of new iPhones, Virgin Mobile on Friday teased that it too will start carrying both the flagship iPhone 5s and the colorful iPhone 5c models pretty soon, as early as next week.

Considering nine of its regional rivals will start carrying the devices next Tuesday, there's little reason to believe Virgin would risk falling behind that schedule. Virgin Mobile is Sprint's prepaid carrier so the telco should offer the new iPhones subsidized and contract-free...

Radio Shack to start offering Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 tomorrow

We've been hearing for a while now that the iPhone 5, Apple's flagship handset, was on its way to popular Prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile. Last week a report claimed that the device would launch this Friday, and today comes further confirmation of that.

9to5Mac is reporting that it has learned from a reliable source that retail giant Radio Shack will begin offering Virgin Mobile-flavored iPhone 5 models tomorrow. They'll come in both black and white, and start at $499  with the trade-in of a compatible device...

Virgin Mobile to land iPhone 5 next Friday

After months of speculation, Virgin Mobile announced it will finally start carrying Apple's iPhone 5 starting Friday, June 28. The handset will be offered on a subsidy basis on a two-year contract and with one of the Beyond Talk plans, starting at $35 a month for unlimited 4G LTE data and messaging. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint and supports both Sprint's CDMA 3G and LTE 4G radio technology (see coverage map here)...

Virgin Mobile taking 15% off prepaid iPhone 4 and 4S

Apple is widely expected to unveil a new smartphone in the coming months, so it's no surprise that we're starting to see a flurry of specials on its older models. Verizon is knocking $100 off the iPhone 5, and T-Mobile will give you one for $0 with a trade-in.

In a similar fashion, prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile USA is hosting a promotion right now that will knock 15% off the price of the iPhone 4/4S. Now that may not seem like a very big discount, but it's big enough to land you a no-contract iPhone for under $300...

Prepaid iPhone lands on Virgin Mobile, also available via Best Buy and RadioShack

Confirming earlier reports, prepaid iPhones are now available at Virgin Mobile, a Sprint-owned carrier in the United States. The 16GB/32GB iPhone 4S will set you back $649 ($549 for the 8GB iPhone 4) with one of Virgin's no-commit plans priced between $30-$50.

The plans offer unlimited data and messaging and you can also get a $5 discount if you sign up for automatic monthly payments. The devices is available at Virgin's ten brand spanking new retail stores (their first retail outlets in the U.S.), but also over at Best Buy, RadioShack and select local retailers...