Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile opens its first 10 retail outlets tomorrow to showcase prepaid iPhone

We reported three weeks ago that Virgin Mobile will become yet another U.S. carrier to sell unlocked iPhones with month-to-month prepaid plans. It seems Virgin means business as a new report by Bloomberg Businesweek has it that the carrier will open its first ten retail stores in Chicago tomorrow, on the eve of its prepaid iPhone launch. These stores could lead to a national rollout and are said to be "aiming to profit from the iPhone’s expansion into the prepaid wireless market"...

Virgin Mobile offering prepaid iPhone with $30 a month unlimited data beginning June 29

Confirming recent rumors, Virgin Mobile USA, a Sprint Nextel subsidiary, today announced that it will be offering Apple's iPhone on a prepaid basis beginning June 29. The iPhone 4 and 4S will be available with a month-to-month unlimited data option costing $30 a month, with data throttling once you get past your monthly allowance of 2.5 gigabytes.

With this development, Apple's device will soon be officially available on a total of sixteen carriers in the United States, three of them being prepaid telecoms: Boost Mobile (another Sprint property), Cricket Communications and Virgin Mobile...

Sprint to launch prepaid iPhones on Virgin Mobile by July 1

MarketWatch reports (via MacRumors) that Sprint will launch own prepaid iPhone offering through its Virgin Mobile arm.

The move follows last week's unconfirmed news that Boost Mobile, another Sprint property, will be getting prepaid iPhones on June 22.

As you know, Cricket became the first carrier in the United States to announce plans to begin offering the iPhone on a prepaid basis in early September...