Virgin Mobile now offering unsubsidized iPhone 5s for $495, 5c for $405

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Folks in the market for a prepaid iPhone may want to check out Virgin Mobile. The Sprint networked-backed MVNO has just shaved another 10% off its iPhone selection, bringing about some of the cheapest unsubsidized prices we’ve seen for the handset.

The discount brings the cost of the 16GB iPhone 5s down to $495, and the 32GB 5s down to $585. And if you want to go for the 64GB model, it’ll only cost you $675—just a little bit more than you’d normally pay for a 16GB full retail…

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Then there’s the iPhone 5c. The extra 10% off brings the 16GB version of this handset down to $405, and the 32GB down to $495. And if that’s still more than you’re looking to spend, the carrier sells the iPhone 4 for $160. All of these prices include shipping.

Since these prices are subsidy-free, they don’t require a contract, and Virgin Mobile has unlimited plans starting at just $30 a month. The only thing is, we’d recommend investigating what service is like in your area—Sprint isn’t known for its network speed.

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We’re not sure how long these prices will be good for, so if you’re interested, you should probably act sooner than later.

[via 9to5toys]