Virgin Mobile lands iPhone 5s/5c, $100 off unsubsidized

Virgin Mobile (iPhone 5s now available)

Virgin Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid brand, started offering the new iPhones for $100 less compared to Apple’s official unsubsidized pricing. Both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are available with a $100 discount when purchased unsubsidized. This means Virgin Mobile customers can get the entry-level 16GB iPhone 5s for $549 (Apple’s price: $649) or the colorful 16GB iPhone 5c for $449 (Apple’s price: $549). Virgin’s plans include unlimited data (throttled after 2.5GB) and start at just $30 a month. More details right below…


Yes, gold iPhone 5s model is already listed as “Out of Stock” on Virgin’s web store, as is the yellow iPhone 5c model. Curiously enough, higher-end 16/32GB iPhone 5s and 32GB iPhone 5c models are  listed as “Web Only” items.

As Virgin is a Sprint property, these new iPhones run just fine on both Sprint’s nationwide 3G and 4G network, now available in over 150 markets. The devices won’t work on other carriers or networks overseas. Simultaneous voice and data works via Wi-Fi, but not over the carrier’s cellular network.

Virgin Mobile does not offer mobile hotspot functionality at this time. The carrier is still offering the iPhone 5 (they landed the handset in June of this year) for $550 off-contract.

Virgin Mobile (Beyond Talk plans)

As you can see below, the $30 a month plan is dependent on a $5 a month discount on the Beyond Talk plan by enrolling in Auto Pay when buying an iPhone:

To enroll in Auto Pay, you simply register a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account and sign up for automatic monthly payments. After the $5/month discount is applied, this would bring the $35/month Beyond Talk Plan to $30/month, the $45 Beyond Talk Plan to $40/month, and the $55/month Beyond Talk Plan to $50/month.

While it’s possible to sign up for Auto Pay at any time, keep in mind you’ll only receive a discount if you are enrolled before making the plan payment.

The telco also offers financing options via BillMeLater, a PayPal service, and supports the extended $99 AppleCare+ warranty coverage for the iPhone 5s/5c by way of calling Virgin’s mobile customer service after activating your handset on their network.

By the way, Virgin Mobile’s parent Sprint is giving a $100 discount on the iPhone 5s/5c to new customers. Another prepaid Sprint property, Boost Mobile, will land the new iPhones soon on its no-contract unlimited monthly plan with Shrinking Payments.