Virgin knocks another 20% off its iPhone selection

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Yesterday, Cody informed you of Virgin Mobile’s iPhone deal: the Sprint-owned MVNO has shaved another ten percet off its iPhone selection, bringing the cost of the 16GB iPhone 5s down to $495. The 32GB iPhone 5s was slashed to $585 and the 64GB variant dropped to $675, the latter just a little bit more than what you’d normally pay for an off-contract 16GB iPhone 5s.

I’m not sure whether Apple’s earnings report had anything to do with it, but Virgin on Tuesday knocked another 20 percent off these devices. The discount extends to the iPhone 5c and iPhone 4 as well…

As reported by 9to5Mac, the entry-level iPhone 5s with sixteen gigabytes of storage will now set you back $439.99, a $210 saving over Apple’s asking price of $650. The 16/32GB variants sell for $519.99/$599.99, representing savings of $230 and $250, respectively.

The disappointing iPhone 5c now sells for $359.99, a $190 saving over its $550 full retail price. The 32GB iPhone 5c is $439.99, a significant saving of $210 over Apple’s $650 price point.

The 8GB iPhone 4 is just $159.99.

These new prices include shipping and don’t require a contract.

If you want, Virgin will happily sign you up for its Beyond Talk unlimited plans which start at just $30 a month. One caveat: although these iPhones are sold unsubsidized, they’re still factory-locked to their service.

Keep that in mind as Sprint isn’t known for its network speed.

Again, Virgin won’t unlock the phone for you after six or twelve months so don’t count on buying a marked down handset to use elsewhere.

The 20 percent discount is on top of Virgin’s already 10 percent cheaper iPhone selection from yesterday. At any rate, these are no doubt some of the most affordable off-contract iPhone prices we’ve ever seen.