Twitter Music

Twitter pulls #music app from the App Store ahead of April 18 shutdown

Twitter will discontinue its #music app on Friday, April 18. Conveniently, April 18 marks the app's first (and obviously last) anniversary. Yup, Twitter #music is officially dead. As part of the move, the micro-blogging startup has already pulled the free iPhone and iPad application from the App Store.

Whenever a piece of software gets removed from the App Store, it becomes unavailable for download or re-download so folks who plan on continuing to use the music discovery app have better backed it up in their iTunes library on their computer.

If you only keep Twitter #music on your iOS device, transfer it to desktop iTunes by connecting your device to a computer and choose the Transfer Purchases option nested under iTunes' File > Devices menu...

Twitter puts Twitter into Twitter #music

After updating its official iOS client with the somewhat controversial conversation redesign (hint: blue lines), the micro-blogging service Twitter now turns its attention to its music discovery app, Twitter #music. In a new update issued Friday, Twitter #music now shows tweets along with each track right in your #NowPlaying feed.

"We've put the Twitter into Twitter #music," the company boasted. That's not all, as these tweets are fully actionable, which makes me wonder whether the company will eventually fold the #music app into the Twitter mobile client down the road...

Twitter updates #music app with new discovery charts and options

Twitter has been relatively quiet about its #music app since it launched back in April. But now that Apple is getting into the music discovery business, and companies like Rdio are following suit, it felt it had to step up its game.

And it starts today, with an update to its iOS #music app that adds new dimensions to its popular discovery engine. You can now browse for new music via genre, like hip hop or country, and there are new 'top charts' to explore...

#Discover #new #artists #with Twitter #music [App Review]

Hashtags. Most people didn’t know what they were five years ago. Now, they are being used in the name of apps like they are part of our daily vernacular. How do you say the name of Twitter’s new music discovery app anyway? Is it called “Twitter music” or “Twitter ‘Hashtag’ music”? Because I am not saying “hashtag.” No way. No how.

Why, you may ask, am I talking about hashtags? Well, because the bird-branded social networking site recently launched a music discovery app called Twitter #music (note the hashtag) that allows users to follow other music fans to help discover what is hot and new.

Twitter #music is an app that aggregates new songs, albums, and artists that are trending on Twitter. You can listen to tracks, retweet your favorites and buy songs on iTunes. You’ll never be left behind in the music world now that you can stay on top of the most #popular #bands...

New Twitter Music app launching this weekend

Twitter Thursday announced on, well, Twitter that it snapped up We Are Hunted, a music startup which tracks what songs people share the most across social networks.

But that's so yesterday. Just 24 hours later, Twitter on Friday announced its music service is crawling out of obscurity, having changed from "invite only" to "coming soon." Not much is known about the service as of yet except for a tidbit here and there.

According to some well-informed people, the micro-blogging service will be launching an app for iOS devices as well, timed to the start of the Coachella music festival this weekend. Matter of fact, if you're Ryan Seacrest, a filmstar, an influencer or some such celebrity, you could start using Twitter Music today...