This tweak adds a screen recording length indicator to the Status Bar

Whenever you initiate a screen recording on a notched iPhone, a red pill-shaped indicator appears over the Status Bar’s time display. This is useful for reminding you that your display is recording so you remember to stop it at some point, but iOS developer h4ckua11 had another idea for improving the screen recording indicator that would go on to become a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed ScreenRecording Time.

As shown in the screenshot example above, ScreenRecording Time merely replaces the current time display in the red pill-shaped screen recording indicator with a timer denoting the length of time that the screen recording has been in effect. In other words, it reminds you of how long your screen recording is before you end it.

ExactTimeMail upgrades the timestamps in iOS’ Mail app

Just yesterday, we showed you a well-received jailbreak tweak named NotesCrationDate13 by iOS developer gilshahar7 that displayed more detailed timestamps in iOS’ stock Notes app, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could have improved timestamps elsewhere throughout Apple’s mobile operating system?

Gilshahar7 appears to share this popular opinion, as a newly released jailbreak tweak called ExactTimeMail seems to do this exact thing in the native Mail app. ExactTimeMail is part of a family of tweaks intended to make timestamps more intuitive in iOS, and we’d say it succeeds on every level, with other members of that family being ExactTime (for notification banners) and ExactTimeMessages (for the Messages app).

DualClock adds a secondary timezone clock to your iPhone’s Lock screen

If you live right on the border of two different time zones, or you’re close friends with someone who lives in a timezone different than yours, then you may want to stay mindful about the variances in time across several regions as not to come off as disturbing to someone else when you send a text or place a phone call.

Apple’s native Clock app is an excellent resource for checking the time in other time zones, but if you’ve ever wished you could tell the time in another location at a glance without having to launch an app, then you’ll probably come to appreciate the likes of a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed DualClock by iOS developer exodia9610.

This tweak adds the proper suffix to the Lock screen’s date indicator

If you ever want to know the date or time, it’s always just a glance away thanks to your iPhone’s Lock screen. But one thing that has always bothered me is Apple’s native date formatting and display style, something that the company doesn’t seem to give users much control over on a stock handset.

FixLSDate is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Mikah that fixes at least one of my gripes with the Lock screen’s date display. More specifically, it completes the date string by adding the proper suffix behind it, as shown above.

This tweak makes you solve math to shut your iPhone’s alarm off

If you use your iPhone’s alarm feature to wake up in time for class or work every morning, then you know just how easy it can be to dismiss the alarm and oversleep. Apple doesn’t seem to have any plans for making this feature more fool-proof in the future, and that’s why we’re turning our attention to a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called You Up? by iOS developer 1di4r.

In a nutshell, You Up? forces the user to solve math problems to turn their firing alarm off. The concept should sound familiar because there’ve been literally countless tweak releases in the past that could do the same thing. What You Up? brings to the table is an aesthetically pleasing interface paired with the fact that the tweak is fully open-source on the developer’s GitHub page.

This tweak adds a date countdown timer to the iPhone’s Lock screen

One thing I’ve always wished that the iPhone had was a more sophisticated countdown timer. While you can certainly use the iPhone’s Clock app to accomplish this in terms of hours or minutes, it would be more useful if you could add days to the mix as this would make it easier to count down to Birthdays and other important dates.

While Apple has yet to introduce an official solution, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Counted by iOS developer Dave van Wijk introduces an elegant and fully customizable day counter to any iOS handset’s Lock screen.

Waqt adds the date to your iPhone’s Status Bar

Apple programmed iOS in such a way that the iPhone’s Status Bar would display the current time. But unlike the iPhone’s larger cousin, the iPad, its Status Bar doesn’t display other pertinent time-centric information like the date.

Fortunately for jailbreakers, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Waqt by iOS developer P2KDev can change this apparent shortcoming on Apple's part.

This tweak keeps you mindful about your Contacts’ timezones

Depending on how many friends or family members you have, chances are that not all of them reside in the same time zone. This can cause headaches when trying to determine when or when not to text somebody, as you almost certainly want a timely response, but also don’t want to wake that person up in the middle of (their) night.

Here to help with this dilemma is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called ContactTime by iOS developer lint. Just as the tweak’s name implies, ContactTime integrates a full-fledged timezone tool into your Contacts list, and if that wasn’t neat enough, the tweak Even lists your contacts’ time zones in the Messages app for you to see at all times.

The best free time trackers for Mac to log the hours you work

Time Trackers for Mac - TimeTag

If you’re a freelancer, remote worker, or another job type where you need to log your time, then you want a good time tracking app for Mac.

Time trackers come in all shapes and sizes. From those that have a basic start and stop button to those that have built-in task management features, do you have the time to try them all and see which is best for you?

To help you out, we’ve tried several time trackers for Mac and have narrowed that list down to these best ones.

How to set up time blocking in the Calendar app

Calendar Mac Time Block Work Week

It can be so difficult to accomplish everything you need to in a workday. It’s hard enough when you work in a physical office. But if you turn to a home office, your workflow changes and it can be even more difficult to stay on track.

One productivity method that many swear by is time blocking, sometimes called calendar blocking. With this technique, you plan your entire day, including personal time, put it all on your calendar, and stick to it.

Time blocking isn’t for everyone. So, if you’re willing to give it a try for a better way to manage your time as well as see where all those hours go, we’ll show you how to set up time blocking in the Calendar app.

BuzzTime uses vibrations to help you tell the time discreetly

One of the best parts of owning a jailbroken iPhone or iPad is the quirkiness factor — the ability to make your handset do something that stock handsets can’t.

If you enjoy giving your handset special abilities and you’re also typically conscious of the time, then you may come to appreciate the likes of a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called BuzzTime by iOS developer burrit0z.

This tweak makes your iPhone display the time in Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals are an acquired taste, but if you’ve come to appreciate them as a time display more than basic numbers, then we have a gut feeling that you’ll enjoy a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Tempus Romānum by iOS developer Ryan Nair.

Tempus Romānum can be used to replace both the Lock screen time and Status Bar time with a Roman Numeral-centric display, and it’s very easy to use.