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How to find the serial numbers for your Apple TV and Siri Remote

Apple TV and Siri Remote from Pixabay

Knowing the serial number of you Apple TV or Siri Remote is important if you have to perform some troubleshooting or get support for the devices. This not only helps to identify the model or type of device you own, but can also help you get answers to questions about the specific device.

Here, we’ll show you how to get the serial numbers for both your Apple TV and Siri Remote.

nControl lets you use console controllers with your jailbroken iPhone or iPad

Many agree that console-based gaming is significantly more immersive than mobile gaming on an iPhone or iPad, and one of the primary factors to be considered in that is having access to a gaming controller that feels good in your hand.

A limited number of MFI (made for iPhone) controllers reside on the market today, but they often fall short of the classics. That’s why iOS developer Kevin Bradley created a new jailbreak tweak called nControl, which adds support for a bevy of popular game console controllers to a subset of iOS games.

How to use Apple Watch as a remote for Apple TV

Remote App Apple Watch for Apple TV

You may already know that you can use your iPhone with the Remote app to control your Apple TV. But did you know you can also use your Apple Watch?

These are convenient options if your Siri remote isn’t nearby, it needs to be charged, or you are having trouble with it. And since you’re already wearing your Apple Watch, you have the handiest remote of all.

Here’s how to use Apple Watch as a remote for Apple TV.

10 of our favorite iPhone-controlled gifts

Today's entry in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide focuses on gift ideas for iPhone-controlled fun. This is actually a pretty broad category (toys, smart home accessories, etc.), so we narrowed it down to 10 of our favorite products that can be remotely controlled using Apple's popular handset.

Accessories that turn your iPhone into a universal remote control

Tired of using 3-4 different remotes to control your TV? Tired of losing your remotes? Well what if I told you that you can turn your iPhone into a universal remote control. That way you can control all of your devices, using a device that you have with you at all times.

This isn't what most would consider a crowded category, but as with all consumer electronics, some models are better than others. To help you make the right decision, we've decided to put together a list of the best gadgets for turning your iPhone into a universal remote.

10 great gift ideas for iPhone-controlled fun

Welcome to the latest edition of iDB’s ongoing Gift Ideas series, where we provide curated roundups of some of our favorite products. Throughout the year we cover and test a number of devices and accessories, so we decided to use that experience to help those searching for the perfect present. Today’s roundup is focused on RC (remote control) vehicles that can be controlled via iPhone.

Meet Nimbus, the first gamepad designed specifically for the new Apple TV

SteelSeries and Apple on Wednesday announced the Nimbus, the first gamepad designed specifically for the new Apple TV. It's unclear how much Apple was involved in the development of the controller, but the company is highlighting it on its website and there does seem to be an above-average level of cooperation here.

For starters, the Nimbus features a Lightning port for revitalizing its internal battery, which SteelSeries says will provide gamers with more than 40 hours of gaming per charge. It also has an extra large Menu button, similar to the one found on the new Apple TV remote, which could allow users to navigate around the new tvOS.

New Apple TV remote expected to feature Wii-like motion sensors

The new Apple TV expected to be unveiled at next month's event will feature a remote control with motion sensors, reports TechCrunch. Citing reliable sources, the site says the remote "likely includes several axis’ worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote."

Apple has for years been rumored to be tinkering with motion control. The iPhone-maker has acquired multiple companies with expertise and proprietary technology related to the field, and it has filed several patent applications over the last 5 years regarding motion-sensing inventions.

Apple working on TV remote with built-in fingerprint sensor

The US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published three patent applications from Apple relating to biometric input devices. As noted by AppleInsider, all the filings mention a device with a built-in fingerprint sensor that could be used in a future TV remote.

It's not hard to imagine the biometric possibilities of a remote control for a TV or set-top box. The device would be able to identify users—paving the way for custom profiles, settings and parental controls—and could support multi-finger shortcuts and simple gestures.