nControl lets you use console controllers with your jailbroken iPhone or iPad

Many agree that console-based gaming is significantly more immersive than mobile gaming on an iPhone or iPad, and one of the primary factors to be considered in that is having access to a gaming controller that feels good in your hand.

A limited number of MFI (made for iPhone) controllers reside on the market today, but they often fall short of the classics. That’s why iOS developer Kevin Bradley created a new jailbreak tweak called nControl, which adds support for a bevy of popular game console controllers to a subset of iOS games.

Citing nControl’s depiction in Cydia, the tweak purportedly adds support for said console controllers to any game that already supports MFI controllers (including third-party emulators). The list of supported controllers includes:

  • Sony Dualshock 4 / Slim
  • Xbox One
  • Evo VR Pro / Mini
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Upon installing nControl, you can pair any of the following with your iOS handset for gaming purposes, so long as the game supports third-party controllers. Much like other Bluetooth devices, you can manage your list of available devices:

In addition to troubleshooting connections by Bluetooth and Controller services individually, you can also view the device’s attributes and disconnect/unpair the device with your handset:

Depending on how much mobile gaming you do, nControl might be worth checking out. The tweak is available from the Chariz repository for $9.99, but at that price, we only see serious mobile gamers taking an interest; furthermore, the tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 7-12 devices.

Will you be downloading nControl? Or are you happy with your current controller setup? Discuss in the comments section below.