An overhauled Google TV app is getting a built-in remote control for Android TVs

A revamped Google TV app (formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV), could soon double as a remote control for Android-power TVs and, possibly, the new Chromecast with Google TV.


  • Built-in remote control for Android TVs spotted.
  • You’d pair the app with any Android TV device.
  • A virtual D-pad may be used for navigation.
  • The app could also support the new Chromecast.

A press image from Google showing the new Chromecast dongle with built-in Android TV connected to a TV set

Supporting the new Chromecast, too?

According to XDA Developers, the code in Google TV versions 4.25 for Android hints at the unreleased feature. It would work similarly to Apple’s Remote app in the App Store. After pairing the app with an Android TV device using a 4-digit PIN, you’d be able to navigate the entirety of the Android TV interface with swipe gestures, a large D-pad and more.

How to use your iPhone as an Apple TV remote

This functionality may not be limited to Android-powered television sets as Google has recently modernized the Android TV platform and refreshed its user interface. As a result, the same overhauled Android TV interface can now also be found in the new Chromecast dongle that integrates Android TV, pictured above, which the Internet giant launched last year.

Does that mean that the remote feature will also support the new Chromecast?

The speculation certainly isn’t without its merit.

Recently, Apple’s TV app launched on the new Chromecast (it’ll soon hit Android TV-equipped smart TVs). So if Apple’s own can support both the new Chromecast and Android TVs, then Google’s own Android TV mobile app should be able to support remote functionality across the new Chromecast and Android-powered smart TVs without any issues.

For those wondering, Google has recently rebranded its Play Movies & TV app to Google TV on Android. The company is expected to make the same change in the iOS edition of the software.

Although Google technically offers remote functionality in its existing Android TV app on iOS, it hasn’t been updated with new features in years. As The Verge speculates, the Internet company will probably discontinue the Android TV for iOS app and roll the overhauled remote experience into the new Google TV app instead.