How to hide the Favorites and Active Now sections in Facebook Messenger app

I have a big gripe with the Facebook Messenger app ever since Facebook decided to launch a major UI change without letting me know in the change log first. And now, I'm stuck with an annoyance right smack in the middle of my conversation list when I open the app.

Fortunately, there is a way to hide these annoying 'Favorites' and 'Active Now' sections, even if temporarily, and we'll show you how in this tutorial.

Why I switched back to AT&T after just a week of using Sprint

Just before the new year, I decided to take on Sprint's promotional event of cutting an AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile bill in half. Being with AT&T for more than 6 years, and having always wanted to try another carrier for the heck of it, I was lured in by being able to save a few bucks on my monthly bill.

Their offer to pay my contract breaching fees up to $650 from AT&T just about sealed the deal as well.

Knowing that Sprint didn't have the best service in the world, I was wary, but since I really only use my iPhone for social networking, phone calls, and iMessaging, and wouldn't be doing things like streaming HD videos on the go, I was going to take the plunge anyway and see whether or not Sprint would be a good fit for my needs.

If you too were thinking about Sprint for your next carrier, then read on, because what I'm about to share with you could make or break your decision and save you a ton of time of cancelling agreements and wasting time and money.

14 Reasons the Editor in Chief of PC Mag Should Never Write About Apple

We told you there is a rumor going around that Apple might start selling factory unlocked iPhones in the US, starting this Wednesday. The rumor was started by @ChronicWire, a "side account" of fame jailbreak developer Chronic.

Today, PC Mag Editor in Chief Lance Ulanoff wrote a piece titled "Unlock iPhones: Why Apple Won't Do It" where he explains his point of view on the rumor. And boy his point of view is screwed. Let's dissect it and analyze...

iPhone Fans: Play by the Rules and You Wont Get Wiped [Rant]

Thank Buddha it's Friday! With the weekend approaching it's also that special day of the week where yours truly vents about a recent story that rubbed me the wrong way. This weeks session is dedicated to a story we reported on regarding Apple's new patent that would enable them to remotely wipe your iPhone. You may be rolling your eyes but hear me out because I think a lot of you will be even more irritated by the spin I apply here...

Behind the Places That Facebook’s iPhone App Goes [Rant]

Continuing in my short lived residency here at iDB is my Friday rant that is usually based off a particular story in the week that rubbed me the wrong way. When we reported about Facebook adding GPS check in capabilities I knew my topic had been sealed. I will preface my outburst by informing you all that I am one of the few individuals I know who doesn't have a profile in the world's biggest social platform. I had one for less than a month and every lousy expectation I envisioned came to life.

I have no bones to pick with users who have Facebook accounts. If I did I would have almost no one to talk to. My beef comes from the irresponsible undertones involved with the new Places feature embedded within the iPhone app. I have yet to hear a responsible or even reasonable explanation for desiring to participate in sharing your location with your "friends". The whole memories still not being captured song and dance that Facebook cites as motivation is as corny as a field in Iowa.

Hey Apple, Lighten Up on Camera+ [Rant]

It's Friday, and (as usual), I feel like ranting before the weekend. On Wednesday we reported that Camera+ had "snuck" in a feature in its application, allowing the user to shutter using the volume buttons. This ability has been atop of the request list of many iPhone owners, in regards to Apple's native camera app. As we predicted, Apple put the kibosh on the useful addition, less than a day after it was made public by various outlets. Apparently Apple took offense to the developers at Taptaptap for actually listening to what the consumer has to say.

More often than not I usually side with the way Apple handles its business. Some have even *gasp*, called me a fanboy of sorts. I'm cool with that. What I'm not cool with is the disregard of public opinion about not only a harmless feature, but a very useful one added to a magnificent application.

Camera+ is no fly-by night app. In fact, it recently reported earnings of over $500,000.00, after Apple's 30% cut, in 60 days! Not a bad chunk of change for 2 months worth of exposure. I'm not suggesting Apple should change its policy because an app is making lots of money, as much I'm asking them what the big friggin deal is? It seems that those in charge got their panties in a bunch because Camera+ had previously tried to include the feature legitimately, but were denied because it was claimed the feature "was too confusing". Thanks for identifying (and in turn, insulting) our level of intelligence, Apple.

I understand that there has to be guidelines and enforcement surrounding the entries into the App Store I can even understand hidden circumvention that undermine policies, such as Handylight (which allowed users to tether for free), needing to be dealt with. Camera+'s "easter egg" wasn't included in the app itself. Those wishing to implement the volume button shuttering had to type an address in their Safari URL, and could also remove the ability doing the same. It was optional, until Apple decided to play enforcer.

There have to be rules, and I get that. But just because a rule exists doesn't mean it isn't a silly rule. Camera+ only "broke" policy because Apple told them their feature wasn't easily enough understood. Ironically enough, its Safari-based addition was easy enough to understand by enough people for Apple to kick the app out of the store.

So lighten up, Apple. Camera+ is and was one of the better applications out there. It enhanced the brilliant ability of both the iPhone 4's camera, and Retina Display. Go hassle some of the developers who promise to "find your friend's phone", or the fortune tellers. In fact, stop the hassling of non-abrasive implementations, and then there won't be these silly rules to break in the first place. Otherwise, be prepared to lose millions to Cydia, who I imagine would welcome such revenue. Just sayin'...

Dear Apple, Don’t Release It Early… [Rant]

While iDB reported on a rumor regarding an early iPhone 5 release yesterday, I feel a further-ado to its idiocy is warranted. So many questions come to head at the very sound of this. To start, we look no further than eligibility. If this were to come out under AT&T, who could buy it? Most everyone who wanted an iPhone 4, either bought or ordered one, which reset their upgrade date. I know I don't speak alone when I say I'd be royally ticked off if a newly designed iPhone was released, and I wasn't eligible for subsidized pricing.

The rumor in question states that similar features would be included, however the antenna would be placed differently, and a 64GB model would be offered. Say What? Not only would the "problem that isn't a problem" be fixed, but just to add insult to injury, the capacity would be doubled? This would completely negate everything Apple said and "did", concerning the antenna. If you thought the original issue was a PR director's bad dream, this fiasco would be a nightmare.

Three Very Annoying Things on My iPhone 4

I've had my iPhone 4 for almost 24 hours now and passed the euphoria of the first few minutes with the device, I've actually noticed 3 very annoying details.

The yellowish screen

Remember two years ago when the iPhone 3G came out and there were many reports of screens being yellowish? It seems me and many others are having the same issue once again.

Most people are reporting yellow spots or lines on their screen. My screen is just yellowish overall. It's not preventing me from doing anything but it's annoying.

I took a screenshot of the yellow screen but when I look at it on the computer, it just looks perfect, which is a proof that the problem is not from the software, but it comes from the hardware.

The loose home button

Another annoying issue I have is with the home button that feels a little loose. See, I can put my finger on it and move the button left and right. I can even feel the looseness of the button every time I hit it.

The weird noise inside

I don't know exactly how I found this one but there is a strange noise going on inside the phone when I shake it. It's like there is a loose part in there. I had the exact same issue with my iPhone 3G two years ago.

What's next?

Well, today is the official launch day so I'm not even going to go near an Apple Store but I think I'll make an appointment with a "Genius" maybe for Monday. I know for a fact that Apple has replacement iPhones available and I'm sure they'll give me a new 4 as soon as they get the phone in their hands.

If you've received your iPhone 4, have you experienced any of these issues?