iPhone Fans: Play by the Rules and You Wont Get Wiped [Rant]

Thank Buddha it’s Friday! With the weekend approaching it’s also that special day of the week where yours truly vents about a recent story that rubbed me the wrong way. This weeks session is dedicated to a story we reported on regarding Apple’s new patent that would enable them to remotely wipe your iPhone. You may be rolling your eyes but hear me out because I think a lot of you will be even more irritated by the spin I apply here…

Let me preface this with saying that I too have been among the jailbreak community. I haven’t hacked my iPhone 4 yet but as the features continue to pile up, the likelihood of me utilizing JailbreakMe do too. I wish the features that many jailbreak for were simply approved and available through the App Store. But as you know you can wish in one hand and, well you know.

Let’s assume (since it’s just as possible that the patent is for security purposes) that Apple is using the patent to wipe and deactivate those who choose to root their iDevices. As much as it infuriates me initially to think that Cupertino could and would remotely pull our plug, Apple has repeatedly expressed their disapproval over jailbreaking your devices. Why is it so hard to handle the idea that they finally might be doing something to back their disapproval up.

A common rebuttal (and a decent one on the surface) is that the user should be able to do with their iDevice whatever they wish once it’s purchased. A deeper analysis of this argument shows the plasticity behind it. Just because we own something doesn’t mean we’re free to abandon regulations of the manufacturer we purchased it from.

Some have expressed the ability to remotely wipe your device is infringing on the privacy of the consumers. I tend to agree however I think people need to open their eyes to the lack of privacy that already exists. I’ve heard concerns over Apple having our personal data but we already know that screenshots of our GPS coordinates are taken each time we close the maps application. If you want personal privacy you shouldn’t be using a smartphone of any kind. It’s sad but true.

I want to reiterate that my opinion of whether this patent is right or wrong is neither here nor there. If it were up to me the Cydia store wouldn’t be needed. That being said it is a bit peculiar that people complain about possible sanctions over an already discouraged procedure. If you want to sleep in the snow then you ┬álose the right to complain about the cold.

I’ve put on my fireproof suit so flame away my friends. I hope at the very least this article reminded you that choosing to violate company policy also voids your right to be protected by it. Have a safe weekend. As for me I plan to start making my list of apps to get once I jailbreak.