Three Very Annoying Things on My iPhone 4

Sad iPhone

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for almost 24 hours now and passed the euphoria of the first few minutes with the device, I’ve actually noticed 3 very annoying details.

The yellowish screen

Remember two years ago when the iPhone 3G came out and there were many reports of screens being yellowish? It seems me and many others are having the same issue once again.

Most people are reporting yellow spots or lines on their screen. My screen is just yellowish overall. It’s not preventing me from doing anything but it’s annoying.

I took a screenshot of the yellow screen but when I look at it on the computer, it just looks perfect, which is a proof that the problem is not from the software, but it comes from the hardware.

The loose home button

Another annoying issue I have is with the home button that feels a little loose. See, I can put my finger on it and move the button left and right. I can even feel the looseness of the button every time I hit it.

The weird noise inside

I don’t know exactly how I found this one but there is a strange noise going on inside the phone when I shake it. It’s like there is a loose part in there. I had the exact same issue with my iPhone 3G two years ago.

What’s next?

Well, today is the official launch day so I’m not even going to go near an Apple Store but I think I’ll make an appointment with a “Genius” maybe for Monday. I know for a fact that Apple has replacement iPhones available and I’m sure they’ll give me a new 4 as soon as they get the phone in their hands.

If you’ve received your iPhone 4, have you experienced any of these issues?