Unboxing My iPhone 4

I just received my iPhone 4. The FedEx guy was quite funny and said he had been delivering a lot of those iPhone 4 today. After frenetically running around the house like a crazy mofo for 2 minutes, I finally sat down and put Tina behind the camera for the long-awaited iPhone 4 unboxing.

I felt like a complete uber iDork asking my fiancee to record the whole scene of me opening a box. She laughed too and probably called me a dork as well. That’s all fair.

As you can see on this video, I’m not that good at commenting live events. But who cares? I didn’t want to post this but a few of you asked me to show you the video, so here it is.

The video is of a very poor quality but YouTube tells me it will get better over time. Since it was just uploaded, I guess they’re still working on converting it.

I haven’t played with the iPhone 4 yet. I booted it and plugged it in iTunes to start the activation process, which took about 1 minute. Painless!

I am now syncing all my music which should take a good hour.

What can I tell right off the bat? It’s an absolutely beautiful device. I feel bad just thinking I’m gonna have to put it in my pocket and take the risk of scratching it. I am really now considering getting the Invisible Shiled for iPhone 4. We’ll see.

If you have received your iPhone 4 today, please share your first impressions in the comments.