Beautiful Physical Mockup of the iPhone 5 Made with Real Aluminum

At this point, there are few things we know for sure about the iPhone 5. But what we can assume from the recent rumors and leaked info is that the device might very well be thinner, and sport a larger screen.

Confident that those rumored specs were likely to make it to the iPhone 5, MacRumors made some very convincing renderings of the future device awhile back. Today, German site pushes it farther, with a physical mockup prototype of the iPhone 5...

San Francisco Police Want Bar Surveillance Footage to Find Lost iPhone Prototype

Remember the lost iPhone prototype? No, not the lost iPhone 4 that infamously went missing in a San Francisco bar, but the other one.

The iPhone 5 prototype that apparently took a walkabout in the Cava 22 bar in San Francisco has caused a bit of a stir. First, the San Francisco Police Department said that it didn't know anything about the situation, and then the SFPD came back with a statement that there was police involvement.

Then came reports that Apple's own security personell may have been impersonating police officers, and now it appears the real SFPD has asked for surveillance footage from the aforementioned bar...

Conan Mocks the Lost iPhone 5 Prototype

Apple's lost iPhone 5 prototype has been making the headlines as of late. The San Francisco police just launched an internal investigation into the scandal, and the prototype is still out there in the wild somewhere.

Funnyman Conan O'Brien has put together a parody Apple video about the lost iPhone prototype. Check it out...

Apple Gestapo Reportedly Impersonates Police in Attempt to Find Lost iPhone Prototype

This story keeps getting crazier and crazier. As you recall, we told you the other day that another next gen iPhone prototype was presumably lost at another bar in San Francisco. CNET reported the news, citing unknown sources.

The scandal got even juicier this morning when another report from The San Francisco Weekly unveiled that no police records for the incident actually existed. Apple hadn't opened an official investigation with the police. Instead, it's being reported that an Apple security team illegally impersonated police officers and searched a man's home for the lost iPhone 5 prototype...

Apple Did Not Lose an iPhone 5 Prototype

A couple days ago, we were telling you the crazy story of Apple losing yet another iPhone prototype. Like me, you probably were very skeptical when you first read about an Apple employee losing an iPhone 5 prototype in a bar in San Francisco.

The story took a more believable turn when we realized that the source was CNET, a respectable and trustworthy online publication that all of you have heard of before. It was still an incredible story, but because it came from CNET, we didn't think twice about reporting it, just like every other blog out there.

Things fell apart yesterday when The San Francisco Weekly revealed that the city Police had no record of any complaint from Apple or any investigation going on about that matter. In short, Apple never lost an iPhone 5 prototype...

Not Again: Another iPhone Prototype Lost in a Bar

The infamous Gizmodo/iPhone 4 debacle grabbed all kinds of headlines last year. No one believed that a company as secretive as Apple could let an iPhone prototype device loose in the wild months before it was slated to be announced.

Believe it or not, it's happened again. CNET is reporting that they have learned that another unreleased iPhone has been lost in a — wait for it — bar in San Francisco...

iPhone N94 Prototype Front Panel Leaked, Reveals Design Very Similar to iPhone 4

Leaked iPhone components and parts have been surfacing recently, with the most recent prototype part relating to the allusive iPhone 'N94' prototype.

Rumors have been that the next iPhone will feature a larger screen with an edge-to-edge bezel, but this prototype leak indicates a LCD display completely identical to the iPhone 4. It's believed that the N94 prototype will be a cheaper model very similar to the iPhone 4, and the lower tier device is expected to rely heavily on iCloud for storage and streaming.

Steer Safe: An Innovative Hands-Free Car Kit for the iPhone

Have you ever wanted a convenient way to access your iPhone while in your vehicle? While there's no shortage of automobile accessories for Apple's smartphone, none of the ones currently available seem to put your device in a place where it's easily accessible.

I'm not talking about for texting and driving, but a car stand would be nice for things like answering phone calls or listening to music. Kickstarter project founder Sameer Desai hopes to capitalize on where others have missed the boat with his new product, the Steer Safe...

Is This an iPhone 5 Prototype?

It would seem like the iPhone 5 rumor mill has been in full swing over the past few days. We've seen everything from cases to concepts. Now, 9to5Mac is claiming they have pictures of the real thing.

The same blog that brought us the leaked photos of the purported iPhone 5 case has just published a photo of what they believe to be Apple's next smartphone. It certainly fits the typical "leaked photo" criteria, as it's extremely blurry and hard to make out. Could this really be the iPhone 5?

Alleged iPhone “Lite” Leaked Online, And It’s Jailbroken

Take this one with a huge grain of salt, but TechCrunch is reporting that it's received leaked shots of a "light version of the iPhone 4." These pictures of what looks very much like a jailbroken iPhone 4 come from Tinhte, and TechCrunch makes the point that Tinhte got a white iPhone 4 prototype right with a leaked video back in April.

This iPhone 4 prototype is made of a cheaper build quality, and it matches up pretty well with a couple iPhone 5 case leaks that we reported on yesterday. However, the device doesn't seem to be any smaller than the current iPhone 4...

Leaked Photo of iPhone 5 Prototype Running on China Mobile [Updated]

We actually haven't seen too many "leaked photos" of Apple's next smartphone over the last few weeks. We've seen some really cool concepts of what the device might look like, but nothing claiming to be the actual device.

Today, 9to5Mac passes along this photo, of what appears to be the next iPhone, that has been circling the gadget blogs this morning. Though the photo doesn't offer much information regarding the design of the device, the mysterious gadget does seem to be running a version of iOS...

iPhone 4 Prototype Hits eBay, Sets Our Hearts Aflutter [Updated]

Prototype Apple hardware has a habit of turning up on eBay, so we're not entirely surprised to see another of the company's finest show up for auction.

The latest prototype of Apple's to appear on the popular auction site is an iPhone 4 that, at least according to appearances, is a prototype of the handset we've all grown to love since its launch in June of last year...