Pics show iPad mini prototype with 2 microphones

Last fall, the rumors leading up to the iPad mini event suggested that the 8-inch tablet would have a microphone located in the top-middle of its rear shell. Just like on the iPhone 5, it was to be used for noise-canceling and to improve audio pickup.

Obviously, the rumors never materialized, as the production version of the first-gen mini does not have a hole in the top of its rear casing. But looking at some new pictures of a purported prototype for the slate, that may not have been Apple’s plan…

Rare iPhone 4 prototype spotted on eBay, yours for $10,000

What’s the going rate on eBay for a rare iPhone 4 prototype running internal testing software? Apparently it’s the same as a factory-sealed first-gen iPhone: $10,000.

The handset is of the 32GB, GSM variety, and carries a model number of N90AP. It’s described as a prototype/tester unit, and has a couple of interesting features…

Emails show Apple was interested in a clickwheel iPhone

Earlier this year, ex-Apple engineer Tony Fadell mentioned something interesting during an on-stage interview. He said that among the handful of prototype iPhone designs that Apple originally considered, one of them was actually built around the infamous iPod clickwheel.

That prototype came up again yesterday during the Samsung-Apple trial. Samsung brought up an email exchange between Steve Jobs and Jony Ive discussing a Samsung phone with a wheel-like interface, hoping to prove that Apple too found inspiration in its competitors…

Possible next-gen iPhone prototypes surface in Bangkok

Apple’s iPhone media event isn’t expected to happen for another 6 weeks, but the tech world is fairly confident in what the handset is going to look like. Since May of this year, we’ve seen several parts surface from different sources that all point to the same two-tone design.

And more evidence of the theory has surfaced today. Some new pictures are starting to make their way around the web of what some folks believe to be a finalized prototype for the next iPhone…

Several new iPhone and iPad prototype designs revealed

The highly-anticpiated patent trial between Apple and Samsung is set to kick off tomorrow in a US District court in northern California. And even if you’re not interested in all of the patent-talk, there are still several reasons to look forward to the litigation.

The court-ordered revelation of early iPhone and iPad prototype designs, for example, is particularly exciting. Apple has kept information regarding the development of its two most popular products extremely close to the vest over the past ten years. And this trial will force the company to finally reveal at least some of those secrets…

Here’s the original iPad prototype next to an iPad 2

Earlier today, leaked images of the original iPad prototype started making their way around the internet. The ‘035 mockups’ depicted a significantly larger tablet that Apple is believed to have worked on between 2002 and 2004.

The photos included several fuzzy, black and white snapshots of the prototype, and were obviously several years old. But this afternoon, new pictures of the tablet have surfaced, showing how big it is compared to newer iPads…

Double-dock iPad prototype pops up on eBay

MacRumors points us to an eBay listing showing an interesting prototype of the first-generation iPad that features two dock connectors, one for portrait and the other for landscape mode.

An Apple patent application from September 2010 first indicated Apple had at early stages considered giving the iPad a second dock connector for landscape docking. This also confirms an old rumor that Apple originally planned on launching a dual-dock iPad, but changed its mind in the last minute.


The double-dock iPad prototype can be yours in exchange for a cool $4,800…

Apple’s Been Interested in the TV Industry for Over 15 Years

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few months about Apple releasing its own TV set. While several pundits and analysts are expecting a game-changer from the iPhone-makers, others don’t think the company has the experience to make it in the TV industry.

Apple’s been indirectly involved in the TV industry since 2006, when it unveiled the first edition of its Apple TV set top box. But, as you can see from the above photo, Apple’s been working on a way to invade our living rooms for over 15 years…

The iPhone 5 Prototype Was Apparently Real?

You’ll probably remember that before the iPhone 4S was announced, it was pretty much open season on rumors. We had all kinds of them.

If you believed the rumors, we were going to get a new, smaller iPhone with a larger screen. It was going to be thinner, too. It was going to be even more awesome than something that’s really awesome, and we were going to need one. Badly.

What we did get was the iPhone 4S, and while we’re not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s no iPhone 5. But was there any truth to some of those iPhone 5 rumors after all? According to one Business Insider source, there may just have been some…

Beautiful Physical Mockup of the iPhone 5 Made with Real Aluminum

At this point, there are few things we know for sure about the iPhone 5. But what we can assume from the recent rumors and leaked info is that the device might very well be thinner, and sport a larger screen.

Confident that those rumored specs were likely to make it to the iPhone 5, MacRumors made some very convincing renderings of the future device awhile back. Today, German site pushes it farther, with a physical mockup prototype of the iPhone 5…

San Francisco Police Want Bar Surveillance Footage to Find Lost iPhone Prototype

Remember the lost iPhone prototype? No, not the lost iPhone 4 that infamously went missing in a San Francisco bar, but the other one.

The iPhone 5 prototype that apparently took a walkabout in the Cava 22 bar in San Francisco has caused a bit of a stir. First, the San Francisco Police Department said that it didn’t know anything about the situation, and then the SFPD came back with a statement that there was police involvement.

Then came reports that Apple’s own security personell may have been impersonating police officers, and now it appears the real SFPD has asked for surveillance footage from the aforementioned bar…

Conan Mocks the Lost iPhone 5 Prototype

Apple’s lost iPhone 5 prototype has been making the headlines as of late. The San Francisco police just launched an internal investigation into the scandal, and the prototype is still out there in the wild somewhere.

Funnyman Conan O’Brien has put together a parody Apple video about the lost iPhone prototype. Check it out…