How to create and mark up a PDF from the Maps app on Mac

If you’re trying to describe a location to someone who isn’t familiar with the area, it can be difficult. You can’t just say, "It’s next to Walmart" if they don’t even know where Walmart is. But with the Maps app and Markup tool on Mac, you can easily use shapes and text to show exactly where you’re describing. And it can even be a little fun.

Here’s how to create and mark up a PDF from Maps on your Mac.

How to use the color and size tools in Preview on Mac

Image editing tools in Preview on Mac

Preview on Mac is a terrific app for viewing your images or signing PDF documents. But the Preview app can do much more. For instance, there are a few tools like Loupe and Mask that can help you make parts of your images stand out and really pop.

In addition, Preview has features for customizing the colors in your image along with the size. To help you make the most out of Preview on your Mac, here’s how to use those color and size tools.

How to add a mask, loupe, and speech bubble to an image using Preview on Mac

Annotation tools in Preview on Mac

Preview on Mac might be one of those tools that you don’t think much about. You might use it just to open images, or maybe you use it to sign PDFs, but for most image work, you likely use something more robust.

But Preview does have some good annotation tools that you let spruce up your images quickly and easily. So you’re unaware of these Preview features, we’ll go over a few handy ones and how to use them. These include the mask, loupe, and speech bubble tools.

How to change the layout of your inbox in Mail on Mac

Change Mail app layout on Mac

With macOS Catalina, Apple made a change to the layout of the Mail app. The classic layout has been updated and you no longer have that option within your Mail Preferences. However, you can change where you see the previews and whether or not you want to use a column layout.

We’ll show you how to make these adjustments and change the layout of your inbox in the Mail app on Mac.

New to Mac? What’s Preview and what can you do with it?

Open with Preview on Mac

As another helpful piece in our "New to Mac" series, this tutorial walks you through the Preview app on your Mac. This useful tool is the default viewer for images and PDFs. You can use it for more than previews, however. Preview offers markup and annotation tools along with features for merging PDF files and signing documents.

So, if you’re new to Mac and want to know all about Preview and what you can do with it, read on!

How to customize the Finder Preview Pane options on Mac

How to show and use Finder Preview Pane on Mac

The Preview pane can be very helpful when you’re using Finder on your Mac. It gives you a quick glance at the file you select and includes details such as the date it was created, the tags you applied, and when it was last opened. For things like images and video files, you can see even more data like size, dimensions, and resolution.

The Preview pane can also give you Quick Actions, like the ability to rotate or mark up the file with a click. Each of the details you see in the Preview pane depends on the type of file you select, and that information can be customized. Here’s how to change the Finder Preview pane options on Mac to suit your needs.