Photo Rescue Helps You Save Deleted Photos From iOS Backups

Although we’ve shown you multiple ways to avoid your iPhone photos getting deleted, what about if your device gets stolen? The Find my iPhone service will allow you to wipe the device of personal data, but can you ever get your pictures back?

If you’ve ever lost a device, or feel like you’ve lost photos that were taken with your iPhone, you might want to check out Photo Rescue. The new Mac app will dig through all of your iOS backup files for you, and retrieve the photos you thought were goners…

PhotoAlbums+ Gets an Update, Still the Best Photo Management App for iPhone

I don’t know about your guys, but I’m kinda ticked we can’t create photo albums on the fly on our iPhone or iPad. Thankfully, the jailbreak community is once again taking over where Apple slacked. We’ve already covered PhotoAlbums+, a jailbreak app that allows you to create albums and move pictures from/to these albums, directly from your iPhone, without the need of iTunes.

PhotoAlbums+ just got an update, and while it doesn’t bring anything really new to the table, I felt like talking about this app again because it deserves publicity…

iPhone Quick Tip: How to Email a Photo

My cousin jut got his first iPhone a few months ago and he’s what I’d call a total noob about it. A couple days ago when we were in Vegas, he asked me how to email a photo he had taken with his iPhone. I couldn’t help laughing at him but I quickly realized that if he didn’t know how to do that, there’s probably other people out there in the same situation, which is why I thought it’d be a good thing to write up a quick tip about this.

Obviously, this is a tip for beginners. If you’ve had an iPhone for a while, you most likely already know how to do that.

In this post, I’ll show you 3 ways to email pictures from your iPhone…

New Jailbreak App Shows Your iPhone Contacts Picture Next to Their Names

Those of you who’ve been in the jailbreak arena for a while might remember an application by Saurik called Cyntact, which displayed your contacts picture right next to their name in your contacts list. I think Cyntact hasn’t been updated for iOS 4 but it doesn’t matter because iPicMyContacts is taking over. Commenters confirm Cyntact was updated for iOS 4.

iPicMyContacts will display your contact picture next to his name inside the contacts and favorites screens…

Australian Photographers Host a Photo Contest Exclusively for the iPhone 4

I wondered when a contest would emerge that featured the iPhone 4, which I figured would be focused on films. Turns out I was wrong in sense that the Australian Commercial and Media Photographers held a competition for photos taken on the new phone.
TUAW reports that the only other rule was that the pictures must be took using Hipstamatic, an App Store entry that offers old styles of lenses and film emulators. Any other manipulation and they’d bounce you down to New Zealand to box a kangaroo…

Former Stripper Wants Police to Hand Over Her iPhone and Naked Pictures

I love this story. A woman in Illinois is apparently furious at her local police department for confiscating her iPhone that houses multiple naked pictures of the former stripper. Her iPhone was seized as evidence relating to a criminal damage to property case that involved a car being keyed.
The now club owner, Bridget Polaski, is reported as saying the following to the Chicago Sun Times:

Will iOS 4.1 Fix the iPhone 4’s Camera Issues?

There were certainly no shortage of complaints when the iPhone 4 was released, or perhaps there was no shortage of coverage relating to every issue users experienced. Whatever perspective you take there was an issue that didn’t receive much attention compared to the rest. There seemed to be a couple problems relating discoloring of photos in certain light.
TUAW reported on it briefly while forums seem to run wild with complaints. This wasn’t the only complaint regarding the camera as Apple’s discussion board showed us. Other users seemed to be getting a green blob appearing in their photos with the intensity of the discrepancy occurring while indoors with florescent style lighting.

Screenshots of iOS 4.1 Show HDR Photography & HD Uploading Abilities

The release of iOS 4.1 will come next week sometime but Gizmodo has gotten ahold of some screenshots that show off the new operating system’s fanciest feature. As Steve Jobs announced today the new OS will enable high dynamic range photography, otherwise known as HDR.
For those who are unaware of the premise behind HDR, the feature takes multiple images to create a more colorful splash and sensation for the final product. Whether your a highly tuned photographer or just like snapping shots with your iPhone you’ll be able to experience the benefits of having such an ability within your native camera app…

How to Wirelessly Back Up Your iPhone Photos

Depending on how you charge your iPhone you may or may not regularly backup your photos. Having to perform a hard reset could erase priceless pictures if you happen to charge your phone the old fashioned way via wall connector.
That problem is now gone thanks to an article by LifeHacker that shows you how to wirelessly sync your photos. The only catch is that you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone, which shouldn’t be an issue for most of you…

Google is Giving its Goggles to the iPhone

No this isn’t a geeky tongue twister even though the title seems to have the makings of such. CNET reports an announcement made by a Google staff engineer at the Hot Chips Conference held at Stanford, about Google’s Goggles app making its way to the iPhone. Turns out it is geared to hit the App Store later this year.

Engineer David Petrou delivered the good news in part of his keynote address in which he stated that pending approval from Apple, Goggles should be available in as little as 3 months time…

How to Share Your iPhone Pictures in Full Resolution

There are 2 ways to share your iPhone pictures via email or MMS but one is better than the other because it does not compress the images and keep them in their original size and resolution.

Method 1: The first way is to simply go to the photo application and type “share”. This will ask you if you want to share via email or MMS. Whatever you decide, it will compress the picture to 800×600, reducing the quality of the image.

Method 2: The better way to do it if you want to preserve the quality of your images is to “copy” (not “share”) the image, then manually launch the mail or MMS app, and paste the image into it. This way, your images will not be automatically resized and should be 1600×1200.

By using the second method, your MMS or email will take longer to be sent out, but at least it will be a full quality image.

If you have other simple tips like this, feel free to let me know.