New Jailbreak App Shows Your iPhone Contacts Picture Next to Their Names

Those of you who’ve been in the jailbreak arena for a while might remember an application by Saurik called Cyntact, which displayed your contacts picture right next to their name in your contacts list. I think Cyntact hasn’t been updated for iOS 4 but it doesn’t matter because iPicMyContacts is taking over. Commenters confirm Cyntact was updated for iOS 4.

iPicMyContacts will display your contact picture next to his name inside the contacts and favorites screens…

It will also allow you to quickly search the web for the contact image and add his/her picture from there. To do that, just click the small contact icon next to the contact name.

Priced at $1.29, iPicMyContacts isn’t a bad app and certainly makes it easier to quickly find a contact in your iPhone. Give it a shot and tell us what you think.