How to prevent partitions from mounting when you boot up, log in, or connect drives to your Mac

With the exception of partitions in unreadable formats and certain hidden partitions such as EFI and Recovery HD, the default behaviour of macOS is to mount all partitions of a drive on boot-up, login, or on connecting an external drive.

Whilst this behaviour is useful for the novice or for those connecting a single USB stick to copy some files, it can become unwieldy and even annoying if you have many multi-partitioned drives attached to your Mac.

For example, my desktop Hackintosh has three internal drives, each with at least two partitions, and one of these drives is not even needed when booted under macOS – it is for Windows 10 and Linux. Add to this a couple of external hard drives with partitions for storage, OS installers and Time Machine backups for other computers, and your desktop and Finder sidebar can begin to look a real mess. It also takes time for the drives to mount on every boot and unmount on sleep or shutdown.

This guide will detail how to ensure only the drives of your choosing mount automatically, leaving the rest unmounted within macOS.

Koomas BikePro mounts your iPhone 6s to your handlebars

When I think of iPhone mounts, I don't usually think about bicycles. However, my bike is my main form of transportation these days, so it makes sense to think about ways to have easy access to my mobile device, even more so than my car.

The Koomas BikePro is a handlebar mount so you can secure your iPhone 6s to your bicycle for a safer ride. Just don't forget your device when you lock up your bike. Thieves will steal anything.

The Koomas CD-Air mount slips into your car’s CD player

We've mentioned before that, although every new car still includes a CD player, many of us have moved on to a more convenient method of listening to music. So, that dashboard CD player just sits there getting dusty. Well, maybe not for everyone.

The Koomas CD-Air mount slips into your car's CD player, so you can keep your iPhone 6s at arms-reach without getting in the way of your windshield or air conditioner. Plus, it has the unintentional bonus of allowing you to still use the CD player to play music.

Mountek nGroove: a dashboard mount that uses your outdated CD player

Nobody listens to CDs anymore, am I right? OK, I know that CDs are still the most popular form of physical music. However, if you've got 20GB of music right on your iPhone 6s, then you probably don't have a binder full of CDs in your glove box. Which means you probably don't use the CD player in your car very often.

Why not make use of that dusty old CD player by using it to mount your iPhone 6s? Mountek's nGroove is a universal dashboard mount that fits into the CD player slot. So, it doesn't get in the way of your air conditioner, it's not using up valuable cup holder space, and it isn't in your way when you are trying to see out of your windshield.

Cellet Universal Cup Holder Mount extends to 10 inches

If you are in the cup holder mount camp (versus the vent mount or dash mount), you might have a problem with how low your iPhone 6s sits in your car's console. Most car cup holders are positioned in the center console at arms length, which is great for grabbing your soda, but not so great when you are trying to see which street to turn on next.

Cellet makes a Universal Cup Holder Mount with a rotating arm that is 10 inches tall. So, even if your cup holder is too far away, your iPhone 6s doesn't have to be.

The VicTsing Car Charger Mount offers multiple charging ports

I think we've all been in that situation where two, or sometimes three people in the same car are all vying for use with the one charging port in a car. You either have to Ro-Sham-Bo or pull the "its my car" card to get first dibs on charging.

VicTsing makes a multi port car charger with a mount that solves the problem of too many devices and not enough chargers. There are two USB ports extending from one branch, plus an additional DC cigarette lighter port on a second branch, so you could connect an additional car charger at the same time.

The Satechi Apple Watch Mount makes a great steering wheel companion

The Apple Watch offers great convenience as it gives you access to messages, phone calls, music controls, maps, and more, directly from your wrist, making your life that much easier in everything you do. If raising your wrist to look at your Apple Watch is a simple gesture, sometimes it can be a dangerous or distracting one, such as when you're driving or riding a motorcycle for instance. Enters the Satechi Apple Watch Mount.

Infernal Innovations’ car mount magnetically suspends your phone

One of the many first-world problems people face everyday is having a convenient place to stow their smartphone whilst driving. Leaving it in one’s pocket seems to be the default move, but if talking while driving is legal in your area, pulling a phone from your pocket is arguably more dangerous than the phone call itself. Even for simple tasks like skipping a song, or following driving directions, there has to be a better solution.

Easy-Tech 2-in-1 car mount gives you choices when securing your iPhone 6

When we talk about car mounts on iDB, inevitably, someone will comment on the inefficiency of one type over another. Some prefer dash mounts. Others prefer air vent mounts. Now, you don't have to choose.

Easy-Tech's 2-in-1 car mount can be attached to your windshield or your air vent. So you have the option of either display. The only thing missing is a cup holder mount, and then everyone would be happy.

Macally MCUPMP cup holder mount keeps your iPhone 6 within reach

When it comes to iPhone mounts, people have differing opinions on where they want it to be. Some prefer a dashboard mount for convenient viewing. However, dashboard mounts are illegal in some states. An air vent mount still provides eye-level viewing, but covers your air vent. And, then there are cup holder mounts.

The MCUPMP is a cup holder mount that holds your iPhone 6 securely in place so you can quickly access maps, music, and other important apps without having to pull it out of your pocket.