Cellet Universal Cup Holder Mount extends to 10 inches

Cellet Universal Cup Holder Mount

If you are in the cup holder mount camp (versus the vent mount or dash mount), you might have a problem with how low your iPhone 6s sits in your car’s console. Most car cup holders are positioned in the center console at arms length, which is great for grabbing your soda, but not so great when you are trying to see which street to turn on next.

Cellet makes a Universal Cup Holder Mount with a rotating arm that is 10 inches tall. So, even if your cup holder is too far away, your iPhone 6s doesn’t have to be.

The plastic base has a dial so you can extend it to fit most cup holders. At its smallest, it measures approximately 2.5 inches in diameter with a three-inch depth. The foam-lined cradle can hold a smartphone up to 3.5 inches wide. So, it is fairly universal.

The cradle can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. When you twist your device around, you’ll hear a clicking sound to let you know it is still firmly in place, even though you have rotated it.

While much of the features of this mount are typical of most cup holder mounts, it’s the longĀ arm that caught our eye. The arm measures 10 inches straight up. When you place it in the cup holder your iPhone 6s is at a much better level for safely checking the screen while driving.

The arm is in two sections with an adjustable upper part that rotates 270 degrees vertically. So, you can reposition your iPhone 6s a number of different ways to get just the right angle.

With a 10-inch arm sticking out of your cup holder, you may have trouble shifting gears, especially with manual transmissions. So, think about where your cup holder is in relation to your gear shifter before deciding to buy.

Cellet’s Universal Cup Holder Mount is available on Amazon for $23. It is compatible with both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.