Koomas BikePro mounts your iPhone 6s to your handlebars

Koomas BikePro

When I think of iPhone mounts, I don’t usually think about bicycles. However, my bike is my main form of transportation these days, so it makes sense to think about ways to have easy access to my mobile device, even more so than my car.

The Koomas BikePro is a handlebar mount so you can secure your iPhone 6s to your bicycle for a safer ride. Just don’t forget your device when you lock up your bike. Thieves will steal anything.

The base of the mount is a circular clip that secures to your handlebars. It can be attached to bars with a 1.5-inch circumference and comes with a silicone spacer for adding a more secure fit. Because of the flexible nature of the base, you can mount it to a variety of different spots on your bike, like the seat post or crash bar, if that’s what you’re into.

Koomus BikePro Smartphone Bike Mount

It has a 360-degree rotating ball joint, which the handset cradle is attached to. The ball joint makes it possible for you to mount your iPhone 6s in landscape or portrait at a comfortable viewing angle.

The cradle features an extendable padded clamp, which holds devices from 2.25 up to 3.75-inches wide. Each corner of the cradle has a silicone strap, which flips over and holds the iPhone in place.

The Koomas BikePro is available on Amazon for $28. Since it holds smartphones that are up to 3.75 inches wide, it is compatible with the iPhon 6s Plus, as well.