Quad Lock securely attaches your iPhone to bicycles, e-scooters, motorcycles, & more

Many of us prefer to keep our iPhones close to our person whenever possible, and that includes when we’re riding around outside on our favorite toys – bikes, motorcycles, scooters – whatever it is, you name it.

After getting involved in the world of electric scooters, it quickly became my personal mission to find the best and most secure mounting solution for my iPhone. A few gasp-worthy mistakes later, and my perilous search led me to Quad Lock, a versatile mounting solution that works with almost anything.

In my particular instance, I needed something that wasn’t bulky, yet would be tough enough to endure the bumpy ride of a suspension-less electric scooter on rough rural asphalt riddled with potholes that would sometimes devolve into dirt or gravel. Many of the so-called “tough” mounts on Amazon didn’t make the cut, but Quad Lock didn’t quit no matter what type of terrain I threw at it.

A smartphone mount that just won’t quit

For my Ninebot MAX electric scooter, I opted for the Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro, which is milled out of aluminum (not plastic) for guaranteed durability in even the most demanding situations. One thing I really like about this mount is that it holds my large iPhone 12 Pro Max far out in front of the handlebar, which means I can still view the display on my electric scooter without any interference from my handset.

The secret to the Quad Lock mounting system, as evident from the photograph above, is the four-pronged circular head that gets inserted into a Quad Lock-compatible case (or a universal mount) and then rotated until it clicks and locks into place. The lockup between the mount and the phone then becomes rock-solid, with not even a heavy slap from the hand being able to break the iPhone free.

Sturdy and ergonomic design

You may notice the lever tab on the side. It’s part of the locking system and is spring-loaded. When in its highest position, the lever locks the iPhone into place. You must push this down when rotating your iPhone 45º to free it from the Quad Lock mounting system. The action is smooth and easy to use, and I have nothing bad to say about it. You can even select a different colored lever tab if you want.

Cases and accessories

The Quad Lock case for my iPhone 12 Pro Max is constructed from sturdy TPU material and wraps tightly around the device with a satisfying ‘snap’ when inserting the phone. The ports are all accompanied by large cut-outs, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of cables and accessories. Unfortunately, because of nature of the Quad Lock system, this case isn’t compatible with MagSafe chargers.

Quad Lock offers a bevy of different mounts for various use cases, such as car windshields, motorcycle handlebars, bicycle handlebars, belt clips, and so much more with vibration dampeners and wireless chargers also available. When not occupied by a mounting system, the cavity on the back of the Quad Lock case can be filled with accessories such as a phone ring/stand all-in-one accessory that doubles as extra grip in your hand or as a kickstand on your desk.

The price of the Quad Lock mounting system very much depends on the type of mount you plan to buy. The Quad Lock Out Front Pro mount is $60 on Amazon, with the motorcycle mount being priced at $50 and the bicycle mount being priced at $40. Any of these will be good choices, depending on the vehicle you’re mounting to, and the company includes spacers to ensure fitment with your vehicle’s handlebar diameter. Most Quad Lock cases are about $30 – including the one I have for my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Play around in the dirt or rain a lot? You may want to consider adding the Quad Lock Poncho to your cart too. This translucent sleeve covers the screen, your camera lenses, and all the ports and speakers on your device to prevent dust, water, and other debris from damaging your handset during your travels. I’ve found myself in the rain more than once, and it has certainly come in handy, but it adds another $25-30 to your total cost.


If you’re looking for a solid mounting solution for your bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, or something else, then I would strongly suggest checking out Quad Lock before learning the hard way that some of those cheaper mounts equipped with clamps and rubber straps won’t hold up (ask me how I know). At least with the Quad Lock mounting solution, your iPhone is mechanically locked to your vehicle, which virtually eliminates the risk of a damaged phone resulting from bump-related drops.

Have you tried a Quad Lock mount or case with your iPhone before, or are you using something different for your favorite outside riding machines? I’m excited to hear your comments in the field below.