The VicTsing Car Charger Mount offers multiple charging ports

VicTsing Dual USB Car Charger Mount

I think we’ve all been in that situation where two, or sometimes three people in the same car are all vying for use with the one charging port in a car. You either have to Ro-Sham-Bo or pull the “its my car” card to get first dibs on charging.

VicTsing makes a multi port car charger with a mount that solves the problem of too many devices and not enough chargers. There are two USB ports extending from one branch, plus an additional DC cigarette lighter port on a second branch, so you could connect an additional car charger at the same time.

The mount connects to your car’s cigarette lighter and has an extension arm with a smartphone mount on the end. The arm is curved, but not flexible. The rigid arm is designed to keep your device from falling over if it is too heavy, but it is also fairly cumbersome. So, think about the amount of space you have in your car before investing in this. Is your gear shifter somewhat close to your cigarette lighter? If so, you should find a different mount.

The charger that plugs into your car has two USB ports. One is a 1A port for smartphones. The other is a 2A port for tablets. There is a third port, extending directly from the top of the charger that fits a second 12/24V DC car charger. Up to three electronic devices can be charging at the same time.

The base charger extends nearly five inches from the lighter socket. It measures about 3.5 inches in thickness. The ridged extension arm for the charging mount is eight inches in length. As you can imagine, this is a bulky solution to having multiple devices charging at one time. However, some cars have plenty of space around the lighter socket. Just be sure to measure your dashboard area first.

VicTsing’s multi port car charger with mount costs $12 on Amazon. It is compatible with smartphones measuring 3.27 inches or less in width, so it works with both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.