The Koomas CD-Air mount slips into your car’s CD player

Koomas CD Air

We’ve mentioned before that, although every new car still includes a CD player, many of us have moved on to a more convenient method of listening to music. So, that dashboard CD player just sits there getting dusty. Well, maybe not for everyone.

The Koomas CD-Air mount slips into your car’s CD player, so you can keep your iPhone 6s at arms-reach without getting in the way of your windshield or air conditioner. Plus, it has the unintentional bonus of allowing you to still use the CD player to play music.

The universal mount is designed to hold devices that are 3.5-inches wide. The adjustable spring-loaded arms firmly grasp your device on the portrait edges. However, it is connected with a ball joint to the base, so you can rotate your iPhone in portrait or landscape.

The base has a thin, flat edge that can be slid into the CD player right side up or upside down, depending on how your dashboard is set up. The mount comes with an additional widening clip for those CD players that need the extra fitting.

One of the more interesting features of this mount was not built into the design. Users on Amazon have noted that, if you remove the mount, insert a CD, and then reinsert the mount, you can play music from your CD player without hindrance. While this is in no way recommended by the manufacturer, it is an interesting thing to note.

The Koomas CD-Air is available on Amazon for $19. There is also a version compatible with tablets up to 7.68 inches wide for $35.