T-Mobile rolls out unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data in Canada and Mexico

Deutsche-Telekom owned T-Mobile on Thursday announced another Un-Carrier move in the form of a brand new service, called 'Mobile Without Borders' and available starting July 15 in select Canadian and Mexican markets.

T-Mobile's U.S. business and individual customers with Simple Choice postpaid and prepaid plans will be able send and receive unlimited phone calls, text messages and use 4G LTE data, to and from Mexico and Canada, at no additional cost.

Apple meets with Mexican regulators ahead of Watch launch

Five executives from Apple met last Wednesday with Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute President Gabriel Contreras and other commissioners to “discuss advances in health-care devices”, according to an agenda published on the regulator’s website relayed yesterday by Bloomberg.

Not only does the meeting signal plans to make the Watch available internationally, but also highlights efforts to ensure the Watch's ability to collect health data complies with local regulations.

AT&T introduces unlimited calling to Mexico

AT&T announced on Tuesday that it is now making a new calling package available, allowing its customers to get unlimited calling to Mexico. Available for a monthly price of $5 per line, the AT&T World Connect Value calling plan offers free unlimited calls to Mexico, as well as discounted calls to 225 countries.

AT&T acquiring Mexican carrier Iusacell for $2.5 Billion

AT&T on Friday announced that it is set to acquire Mexican carrier Iusacell for a total of $2.5 billion, including debt. The two companies have entered into an agreement, which will occur once investor group Grupo Salinas completes its own ongoing acquisition of Iusacell.

The plan, AT&T says, is to expand Iusacell coverage beyond its already near-9 million subscriber base in Mexico. The carrier sees a large potential for growth in the country thanks to recent competitive-friendly changes made to wireless regulations by President Peña Nieto.

Mexican carriers can no longer use ‘iPhone’ name in ads

As reported by the Mexican publication El Universal, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) has ruled that Mexican carriers are no longer allowed to make use of the "iPhone" name, since it violates the phonetically identical sounding "iFone" trademark owned by a small call center in Mexico. The trademark is filed under Class 38, which covers telecommunications services.

To be clear, Apple will still be able to sell the iPhone in Mexico and use its own trademark as it sees fit, but carriers won't be able to. The basis behind the ruling is that, since Apple is not considered to be a telecommunication services provider, it is acquitted of being at fault. Instead, the IMPI has placed the blame directly on Mexican carriers, which do provide telecommunications services… 

Apple continues with iWatch trademark filings in Mexico and Taiwan [updated]

It appears that Apple is really interested in securing the 'iWatch' trademark on a global scale. Hot on the heels of this morning's report that it filed for the name in Japan, comes word that it has filed similar paperwork in both Mexico and Taiwan.

And the filings in these three countries follow a bid for the trademark in Russia, which was reported last month. So it would seem that there is at least some truth to the ongoing rumors that Apple is working on a wearable, smartwatch-like device...

Apple loses iPhone trademark appeal in Mexico

Apple's luck protecting the iPhone name has taken a turn for the worse with Friday development that the firm has lost an appeal over its use of the iPhone moniker in Mexico, reports The Wall Street Journal. The ruling marks Apple's second setback in Latin America after a Brazilian patent office a month ago approved the iPhone trademark to a local electronics maker IGB Eletronica SA.

That Brazilian firm, better known by its brand name Gradiente, owned rights to the iPhone name since 2000, long before Apple introduced its handset. In the case of Mexico-based Ifone SA, it had registered the 'Ifone' trademark back in 2003 and was making proper use of it, the nation's Supreme Court ruled Friday...

Apple loses rights to iPhone name in Mexico

Apple has lost a fairly significant court case in Mexico this week. A Mexico City Judge has denied the company's injunction request that would have allowed it to continue selling iPhone-branded products in the country.

Apparently, the "iPhone" moniker sounds too phonetically similar to iFone, a brand belonging to a Mexican telecommunications company. And the similarity is enough that Apple could be banned from using the name in the region...