How to mark up images and PDFs directly in Notes on Mac

Markup a PDF in Notes on Mac

If you use the Notes app on Mac, you can include images and PDFs as references in your notes. This is perfect for keeping everything together. And if you want to annotate one of those items only for reference in a note, you might not want to change the original file.

Luckily, you can mark up images and PDFs right within the Notes app on your Mac. This lets you annotate the item for your own note but keep the original intact.

How to sign an email attachment on Mac with your iPhone or iPad

Sign Email Attachment Mac

There are plenty of times when we need to sign and return documents via email. Contracts, agreements, acknowledgements, and the like are often sent electronically these days. And while you can create a signature in Preview on Mac, you might not be able to. Maybe you have an iMac without a trackpad or you simply can’t make your signature look the way you want it with a mouse. But if you use an Apple Pencil with your iPad or have an easier time signing with your finger on your iPhone, you can use one of those devices instead.

Here, we’ll show you how to sign an email attachment in Mac Mail with your iPhone or iPad.

How to mark up and annotate Photos on Mac

Photos Markup toolbar

Whether for business or fun, you may want to mark up a photo on your Mac. Maybe you want to call out part of an image, point to something in a photo, insert additional text, or use another type of annotation.

The Markup tool that you might be familiar with in other apps on your Mac is available in the Photos app too. So to help you, here’s how to mark up and annotate images in Photos on Mac.

QuickMarkup makes it easier to access Markup in the Photos app

Markup is an incredibly useful feature supported by Apple’s Photos app, empowering users with the ability to annotate or draw on images before sharing them with others. There’s just one problem however: the default method of accessing Markup on a stock device is both convoluted and cumbersome, and it shouldn’t be.

QuickMarkup is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Simalary (Chris) that effectively fixes this problem by placing a dedicated Markup button in the photo editing toolbar, as depicted in the screenshot example above.

How to create and mark up a PDF from the Maps app on Mac

If you’re trying to describe a location to someone who isn’t familiar with the area, it can be difficult. You can’t just say, "It’s next to Walmart" if they don’t even know where Walmart is. But with the Maps app and Markup tool on Mac, you can easily use shapes and text to show exactly where you’re describing. And it can even be a little fun.

Here’s how to create and mark up a PDF from Maps on your Mac.

How to add a mask, loupe, and speech bubble to an image using Preview on Mac

Annotation tools in Preview on Mac

Preview on Mac might be one of those tools that you don’t think much about. You might use it just to open images, or maybe you use it to sign PDFs, but for most image work, you likely use something more robust.

But Preview does have some good annotation tools that you let spruce up your images quickly and easily. So you’re unaware of these Preview features, we’ll go over a few handy ones and how to use them. These include the mask, loupe, and speech bubble tools.

How to insert and annotate images in TextEdit on Mac

TextEdit Inserted Annotated Image

You likely know about the TextEdit app on your Mac. This built-in tool lets you create and edit plain or rich text documents easily. But what you may not know is that you can also annotate images right within it.

This is handy for rich text documents when you don’t want to use a word processing app and just need your document, that includes an image, quickly. And best of all, you’ll use the same Markup tool you’re used to on your Mac.

Here’s how to insert and annotate images in TextEdit on your Mac.

How to mark up documents on your Mac with iPhone or iPad using your Apple Pencil or finger

Continuity Markup in iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina 10.15 or later lets you annotate documents on your Mac using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It works like magic. In this short step-by-step tutorial, you're going to learn how to use this feature to mark up Mac documents such as PDFs and images on your nearby iOS device with your Apple Pencil or finger, zero setup needed.

How to use Smart Annotations in Pages on iPhone and iPad

Use Smart Annotations Pages iPhone

Annotating documents in a digital form can be tricky. In many cases, when you make edits to the page, your markups become orphaned and you have to move them back. To eliminate this problem, Apple introduced Smart Annotations for Pages in iOS 11.3.

What’s great about Smart Annotations is that your markups stay with your text. And you can use either your Apple Pencil or your finger to mark up documents on your iPhone or iPad.

If you haven’t tried out this feature yet, our tutorial shows you how to use Smart Annotations in Pages on iOS.