How to mark up images and PDFs directly in Notes on Mac

If you use the Notes app on Mac, you can include images and PDFs as references in your notes. This is perfect for keeping everything together. And if you want to annotate one of those items only for reference in a note, you might not want to change the original file.

Luckily, you can mark up images and PDFs right within the Notes app on your Mac. This lets you annotate the item for your own note but keep the original intact.

Mark up images and PDFs in Notes on Mac

Open the Notes app on your Mac and either go to a note containing the item you want to mark up or add it to your note.

1) Select the image or file and click the arrow that displays on the top right of it.

2) Pick Markup from the list. If you don’t see Markup, click More and add it to your list of Actions.

Notes Markup Images on Mac

3) Your item will open in a Markup window for you to do with what you wish.

4) When you finish with your annotations, click Done.

Markup Image From Notes on Mac

The Markup window containing your item will close and you’ll see your changes on the item within your note. The original photo or file you added to the note remains untouched.

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Wrapping it up

If you’re already attaching files or adding images to your Notes, then take advantage of the Markup tool on your Mac. This lets you highlight, circle, add text, or magnify certain parts of that item you can easily reference with your note.

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