The best iPhone Christmas apps for celebrating the holiday

Santa Claus Video Call iPhone

Whether you love Christmas or simply want to get in the spirit, there are tons of fun, useful, and unique Christmas apps for iPhone. You can count down to the date, make festive photos, have your kids talk to Santa Claus, and more.

To give you a helping hand this holiday season, we’ve assembled a collection of Christmas apps to bring some joy to your device, and hopefully you as well.

The best free iPhone chore apps for kids and families

iPhone Chore Apps - SmoresUp

Doing chores isn’t a fun job at any age. But for kids, it can feel like a punishment. So, if there’s a way to make it a little more fun for them to complete their chores, then why not give it a try?

With an app on iPhone, keeping track of chores and rewarding them for their work is a cool way to motivate your child.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of the best free iPhone chore apps for kids and families.

Understanding the usage reports in Screen Time on Mac

App Usage Report Mac

If you’ve set up Screen Time on Mac, whether for yourself or a child, you likely created limits, scheduled downtime, restricted content, or all three. But another great part of the Screen Time feature is its reporting.

If you want to see exactly how long your child spent using an app or how many times you picked up your own device, these interactive reports can be really handy. They can help you makes adjustments based on what you learn.

Let’s walk through those usage reports in Screen Time on your Mac so that you can decide if you need to make changes or if the settings you put in place are working.

How to restrict or only allow certain websites on Mac with Screen Time

Screen Time Allowed Websites List Mac

With the Screen Time feature on Mac, it’s just as easy to set limits and restrictions on your computer as it is on your iPhone or iPad. Whether for yourself or your child, you can minimize the time spent staring at a screen.

And just like Screen Time on iOS, this feature on Mac lets you restrict certain websites or allow only specific ones to keep your child from seeing something they shouldn’t. This is important for children of all ages and is easy to set up.

Here’s how to restrict websites on Mac or only allow access to certain ones with Screen Time.

How to set up restrictions in the Music and TV apps on Mac

Kids section TV app on Mac

Along with macOS Catalina came a few new apps including Music and TV. If you share a computer with children in your home and don’t have Screen Time set up or limit them as users, your kids could end up seeing something they shouldn’t.

To help, Apple offers restrictions in these apps to prevent inappropriate content from popping up. Here’s how to set up those restrictions in the Music and TV apps on your Mac.

The best free Apple TV educational apps for kids to play and learn

Bug Party Apple TV - educational apps for kids

If everyone in your house enjoys spending time with your Apple TV, then make the most of it with fun educational apps for kids.

These apps are available for free with options to purchase additional content. So, they are awesome try-before-you-buy apps or you can just let your child enjoy the free content. Most importantly, they are terrific learning tools for kids. Helping them enhance their skills, learn new ones, and enjoy the process all at the same time is a wonderful use for your Apple TV.

The best iPad cases for kids

In the market for a childproof and kid-friendly iPad case? You've come to the right place! We've done all of the hard work for you—the research, the comparisons—and put together a list of what we believe are the best iPad cases for kids. The roundup consists of cases that are easy to handle, yet hard enough to take a fall, and won't break the bank.