Apple launches new Swift curricula and coding resources for educators

Apple today expanded its existing coding resources for teachers and educators with a newly launched Develop in Swift online course and Everyone Can Code curricula.

Everyone can code

There’s also a new professional learning course for Develop in Swift, which is available to educators at no cost. “The course is designed to supplement the need for computer science educators in the US, and helps instructors of all skill levels build foundational knowledge to teach app development with Swift,” according to the announcement.

Apple says the new Develop in Swift curriculum has been revamped based on educator input to meet student learning styles. These new tools for educators were designed to help students from grade school to college learn how to code from anywhere.


Everyone Can Code introduces coding to students in grades 4 through 8 and uses puzzles and games to help teach the building blocks of Swift through the Swift Playgrounds app.

This curriculum now includes the new “Everyone Can Code Adventures” guides aimed at students who have already completed “Everyone Can Code Puzzles”. It teaches students important programming concepts used in app development and includes more challenging lessons that are available in the free Swift Playgrounds app.

Apple Books resources

The following new resources are available on Apple Books:

  • “Develop in Swift AP CS Principles” student guide, available today
  • “Develop in Swift Explorations” student guide, available today
  • “Develop in Swift Fundamentals” student guide, available today
  • “Develop in Swift Data Collections” student guide, available this fall
  • “Develop in Swift AP CS Principles” teacher guide
  • “Develop in Swift Explorations” teacher guide

The curriculum is available free in Apple Books.