Review: the new iPod touch vs. the previous model

Out of the blue, Apple delivered a seventh-generation iPod touch media player earlier this week, a repackaged version of the 2015 predecessor sporting an updated processor and double the flash storage rather than a thorough revamp with an edge-to-edge display, Face ID and so forth. The refreshed device still has a lot going for it so we thought we'd review the new iPod touch for iDB readers who might be in the market for an affordable iOS gadget.

It’s 2018, the year where HomePod will become a thing, like it or not

When Apple late last year sheepishly announced the delay of HomePod until further notice, my impression of the unfolding news coverage and social media feeds at the time was that the fallout had been remarkably tame considering that for presumably many, a brand new Apple product had just been removed from its sure place under the Christmas tree.

ClassicPlayer turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic

Those who've been using Apple products for years might be familiar with the days when the iPod Classic reigned supreme as a music player. It was made famous by its click-wheel design, which responded to touch and drag gestures for navigating your music.

A new jailbreak app dubbed ClassicPlayer by iOS developer Guillermo Moran (fr0st)  brings this experience to the iPhone for all the nostalgic folks out there who are missing the click-wheel experience from the days of yore.