Concept: Apple Watch Series 4 case reminiscent of the original iPod

Apple Watch becomes a digital Walkman in these conceptual renderings, created by Joyce Kang of CO Design Lab, imagining a smartwatch case reminiscent of the original iPod.

“Congratulations on your Apple Watch Series 4,” he wrote on the project’s Behance page.

“I have designed a case reminiscent of the original iPod,” he continued. “It changes the form factor of the Apple Watch and provides a different user experience.”

Shut up and take my money!

In my view, this is a truly inspiring, almost perfect design.

I wish Apple would make something like that. Maybe they will—after all, aren’t we increasingly seeing first-party accessories from Apple? I mean, who knows what’s cooking in Jony Ive’s lab.

With a case that had a form factor which influenced how the user interacted with the watch while the case is on, Apple would clearly need to tweak the watchOS interface a bit.

I have a feeling that’s probably not going to happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

What do you think about this Pod Case concept?

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