Apple may launch its rumored VR headset and a new iPod in 2022

More often than not, Apple rumors aren’t all that surprising. Even if they don’t pan out into a real product, they typically seem credible enough to believe. Even the crazy ones. For example, Apple bringing back the iPod in 2022.

That’s apparently happening, according to virtual reality evangelist Robert Scoble. He posted on Twitter late last night (via AppleInsider) that Apple is planning to debut its first VR headset at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2022. Scoble says the launch timing is due to the fact Apple is expecting “the new iPod will be a huge deal for Christmas.”

Scoble goes on from there, saying that the brand new iPod will “work together” with the new VR headset. However, there aren’t any additional details attached to the tweet. He does say that the new iPod will feature the “experiences” you’ll get in the VR headset, too:

Now, Scoble isn’t a renowned leaker by any means. To lean into that fact, Scoble even follows up that initial tweet with this one, saying we should all consider his comments on the company as “untrustworthy.”

In subsequent tweets, Scoble does offer a bit more. Not much, but a little. Scoble says the “new iPod” will feature a “major new version,” and leaves it at that. This would seem to be the believable part. If Apple is going to launch a new iPod, especially one that will somehow be paired with its own brand new VR headset, a major redesign would make sense!

But, we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out. It’s not impossible that we’ll start hearing a lot more rumors like this in the coming months, or maybe they’ll just fall off the side of a cliff and we’ll never hear about a new iPod again.

What do you think? Will we see a new, redesigned iPod next year?