iPhone Nano

iPhone Nano: Why it’s Becoming a Serious Possiblity

Judging by the latest round of iDevice rumors, Apple could really be looking to shake things up this Fall. Instead of their typical refresh of the stand-alone iPhone model, many folks are expecting the Cupertino company to unveil two new smartphone devices.

One model is expected to be a feature-packed high-end device, and the other, a supplemental "iPhone Nano" model for the low-end market. We've been hearing the iPhone Nano rumors for quite a while now, and have even started a few of our own.

But even with the mounds of evidence suggesting the device is in the works, it still seems inconceivable that Apple would break its tradition of producing high quality, expensive products. Or does it?

Why Apple Could be Releasing an iPhone Nano this Fall

The idea of an iPhone nano has been debated since the device's inception 4 years ago. Apple's conquest of the mp3 player market with multiple iPod models has had many folks wondering if Apple was going to do the same thing with their smartphone line.

While most people scoff at the idea of Apple producing a cheap version of the popular iPhone, Horace Dediu of asymco seems to think otherwise. Apparently, Apple has plenty of reasons to manufacture an iPhone "nano."

iPhone 5 Will Enter Production “in Mid to Late August,” Ready for September Launch

Following the iPhone 4's first birthday earlier this month, we're now sitting patiently awaiting the release (or at least the announcement) of Apple's iPhone 5. The device is rumored to land this September, and backing up those rumors is some new "intelligence" obtained by one investment banker on a recent trip to Taiwan.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty met with individuals in Taiwan last week — home to Apple's supply chain and manufacturing facilities — and issued a note to clients in which she claims the fifth-generation iPhone will enter production in August and will "ramp aggressively" into the fourth calendar quarter...

Next iPhone in Final Testing Stages for September Release

After the next generation iPhone was a no-show at Apple's WWDC conference last week, the previous reports of an iPhone release in September gained more credibility. Now, according to some Apple intelligence from 9to5Mac, the next iPhone has reached final testing stages (or "AP" stage) with high-level Apple and carrier executives.

All signs point towards Apple being on track for a September release of the next iPhone, but some problems with Verizon could restrict FaceTime over 3G on the carrier's CDMA network.

Will the iPhone Nano Look Like This?

Talk of a cheaper, perhaps contract-free 'iPhone Nano' has been circulating for several months now. With WWDC on the near horizon, and an iPhone announcement expected this fall, there's plenty of speculation surrounding Apple's next gen iPhone.

Will Apple release the typical, evolutionary upgrade to the current iPhone 4? Or will things get changed up with two new iPhone models released at once?

Fake iPhone 4 Nano Being Sold in China for $60

With rumors flying about the iPhone 5, little attention has been paid to the iPhone Nano rumors that surfaced months ago. While the U.S. has remained quiet about a future iPhone Nano device, Chinese dealers are beginning to sell knock-off iPhone 4 Nano's to the tune of about $60 U.S.

These fake, mini iPhone devices run a Java-based iOS ripoff and behave a lot like the original iPhone. Most notably, these Chinese knock-offs are about 2/3 the size of the real iPhone 4...

Is A Cheaper iPhone Inevitable?

As rumors continue to fly about Apple's upcoming iPhone 5, it's easy to forget that Apple may indeed be cooking up a smaller version of their hit smartphone. The gossip started back in 2009 when rumors were claiming the possibility of an iPhone Nano launch that fall.

Well, obviously there was no such introduction and the story kind of died out. Then earlier this year, media giants Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal reignited the rumors with claims of confirmation that the iPhone Nano existed...

Apple’s New Commodity Outlook is Disappointing to Me

Apple products; there's something to be said about the mystique of owning a new Apple product. The "Apple smell" is one of the first things that come to mind, along with the minimalistic packaging, and crisp design lines.

For reasons such as these, it's disheartening to see Apple taking on an "Apple is for everyone" outlook, as the company looks to capitalize even more so on their recent dominance.

True enough, Apple is already past the point of ubiquity. I know plenty of people that struggle to pay their light bills, but still manage to keep up with their AT&T payments each month.

Even so, Apple's new public outlook is disappointing to me...

Apple Going Frugal? Executive Tim Cook Hints at Cheaper iPhone

During an interview with Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, Apple COO and acting CEO, Tim Cook, again fueled rumors of a cheaper iPhone.

Cook mentioned that he wanted Apple to be a company “for everyone,” and not “just for the rich.”

If Cook's words sound familiar, remember that earlier this month rumors abounded about a cheaper iPhone Nano. Is this Apple just having fun with the latest rumors, or is there real truth behind this story?

The iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

Rumors regarding the next iteration of the iPhone have been flying left and right. If you've been following the rumor mill, you know that there's a lot of potential innovations to be implemented into Apple's next iPhone.

Will Apple release several different iPhone models at once? Will the next iPhone be considerably smaller than its predecessors? Will Apple release the iPhone 5 on all carriers with a universal baseband?

These, among others, are all questions being asked about the next iPhone. Let's examine the rumors and try and make sense of it all...

iPhone Nano Caught on TV

There are all sorts of rumors that Apple is working on an iPhone nano. Ellen found out it's true, and got her hands on the new device, which has some surprising features.

Ok guys, I'm not fan of Ellen at all but I wanted to give her props for coming up with this short, yet funny segment on her show about the rumored iPhone Nano... 

iPhone Nano Concept – “Squeeze” to Close Apps

There have been multiple rumors surfacing lately that Apple is working on a smaller iPhone "Nano." The device is rumored to have a smaller form factor and use cloud-based storage (possibly in accordance with a revamp of MobileMe).

iPhone Nano concepts have been floating around since the rumors gained traction, and a design concept by Max Rudberg stands out from the rest. Max runs Max Themes, and has developed popular jailbreak themes (such as Glasklart and Serious SBSettings).

Max came up with a very interesting concept for how a smaller iPhone Nano could operate without a home button...