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Screen burn-ins apparently causing delayed Retina iPad mini launch

Apple's web page advertises the new iPad mini with Retina display as coming in late November. In Apple's parlance, that's probably November 29, a Friday. Apple's penchant for making new products available shortly following the announcement was not on display at the October 22 media event as the company said the new iPad mini would not launch alongside the iPad Air.

We already heard that Apple was looking to both LG Display and Samsung as the primary iPad mini screen supplier Sharp has been experiencing issues producing high-resolution 7.9-inch IGZO panels, causing limited supplies at launch. A new report alleges Sharp's LCD panels are actually suffering from burn-in problems, prompting Apple once again to seek help from arch-rival Samsung...

Let’s Talk iOS 001: Now we’re talking

Welcome to the first episode of Let's Talk iOS. In this episode, we break down our feelings about the new iPad Air after a few days of intense usage. Jeff talks about his ability to use the iPad Air as a full fledged work machine, and Cody and Sebastien reiterate their plans to purchase the new iPad mini with Retina Display.

New report reaffirms iPad mini with Retina display will be in short supply at launch

When Apple announced the new iPad mini with Retina display at its media event last week, the only launch date given was 'November.' The move seemingly confirmed previous chatter that the company has been having a hard time making the tablet.

And today, a new report out of Taiwan adds to the narrative, claiming that the mini's initial supply constraint is directly related to its hi-res display. Apparently Sharp, who is responsible for 40% of the Retina mini panels, is seeing poor yield rates...

Apple may be unable to cope with Retina iPad mini demand, says Cook

In addition to the iPad's outstanding (yet perfectly plausible) 94 percent share in education (bonus: other amazing stats), Apple's boss Tim Cook cautioned Wall Street analysts and investors on an earnings call that not everyone may get their hands on an iPad mini with Retina display when it starts shipping in late-November.

It gets worse: he wasn't confident in Apple's ability to make enough Retina iPad minis to satisfy Christmas quarter demand either...

T-Mobile to sell 16GB iPads with no downpayment

Piggy-backing on Tuesday's unveiling of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, the agile T-Mobile USA immediately tweeted out they'll be carrying cellular models with a free 200MB plan. Today, the Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier, the nation's fourth-largest, has shed more light on its iPad strategy.

Your key takeaway: there will be no downpayment for those in the market for a cellular iPad Air or Retina iPad mini variant. However, the no-downpayment bait applies only to the entry-level models with sixteen gigabytes of storage. The full breakdown of T-Mobile's UnCarrier offering is right below...

Everything you need to know about today’s iPad event

Well, that’s all folks. Apple's highly anticipated iPad event has come, and gone. All announcements have been made, all software has been released, and we now know what the future of the popular tablet line looks like.

A lot has transpired over the past 10 hours or so, and we understand that it might have been a bit difficult to keep track of it all. So we’ve put together this awesome roundup of everything important that happened today…

Apple launches iPad Air, the lightest iPad ever

Apple thus far has shared some interesting business stats (such as 1 million apps on the App Store, 60 billion app downloads and 64 percent of iOS devices on iOS 7, to mention just a few), announced that OS X Mavericks will be launching later today as a free download, confirmed that the new Mac Pro pro desktop is due in December starting at $2,999, shown off the new 64-bit versions of iWork and iLife apps for the Mac and iOS with full file compatibility across these platforms and refreshed the new 13 and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros with faster PCIe storage, Thunderbolt 2 I/O, fourth-generation Intel chips, both also available today at more affordable prices than ever.

And now onto the main thing - the new iPads. Say hello to iPad Air.

Apple unveils new iPad mini with Retina display, A7 processor

Now that he's finished up his staggering 'iPad Air' announcement, Apple's Phil Schiller has turned his focus to the smaller iPad mini. It too is getting a big refresh today, with the long-awaited display bump.

As expected, Apple has managed to squeeze its Retina screen in the tiny tablet, giving it the same 2048 x 1536 resolution as its larger sibling. And it's also added its 64-bit A7 processor, and other goodies...

Roundup of initial iPad Air and Retina iPad mini impressions

Apple introduced two new tablets this morning at a media event in San Francisco: the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display. Both tablets got performance boosts thanks to the A7 64-bit processor, among other changes.

After the event, attending journalists were given the chance to go hands-on with the new devices. And for those of you who still don't know what to make of the two new iPads, we've collected some of their initial impressions of them...

Relive every moment: you can now stream the iPad keynote from Apple’s website

Apple's iPad keynote video is now available for streaming straight from its website. It works on mobile or desktop, and through a web browser, but you'll need the QuickTime plug-in installed in order to enjoy the presentation on beige Windows boxes. If history is an indication, the clip should hit YouTube and iTunes in a couple days tops.

Until then, block out the next 86 minutes of your life, sit back and relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy as Apple CEO Tim Cook and his sidekicks Phil Schiller (SVP of Worldwide Marketing), Craig Federighi (SVP of Software Engineering) and Eddy Cue (SVP of Internet Software and Services) deliver the latest on the Retina iPad mini, iPad Air, 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros, the next-gen Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks and iLife/iWork...

T-Mobile to carry cellular models of new iPads with free 200MB plan

Wow, just when you thought T-Mobile couldn't get any crazier, it goes and does something like this. As CEO John Leger hinted last week, the [un-]carrier has finally landed Apple's iPad, but there's a big twist.

Apparently, T-Mobile will be offering an entry-level data package with 200 MB free of charge alongside the tablet. And of course, higher-limit packages will be available too, starting at $30/month for 2.5 GB...