iOS 9

How to set a generator with nonceEnabler on iOS 9 and 10

First off, this guide is only necessary for 64-bit devices which are currently jailbroken on old firmwares, such as iOS 9 and some versions of iOS 10. The jailbreaks for those firmwares did not always include a way to set a generator for use with futurerestore, and nonceEnabler provides that ability. Nearly all newer jailbreaks provide their own simpler ways of setting a generator, and they do not need to use nonceEnabler, nor this guide. If your device is not currently jailbroken on an old firmware such as the ones mentioned in this guide, and/or has its own method of setting a generator, refer instead to our main futurerestore guides.

Miss iOS 9’s Now Playing interface? This tweak resurrects it on jailbroken handsets

The iOS platform received a myriad of changes over the years, with many of those being functional changes and a smaller number being purely cosmetic. Perhaps one of the most iconic changes can be attributed to iOS’ Now Playing interface, which has evolved an awful lot since the days of iOS 9.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates all of the latest changes, and some even wish that the iOS 9 Now Playing interface would make an unlikely comeback. The good news, however, is that a new and free jailbreak tweak called NineMusic by iOS developer Minh-Ton can make this happen, at least on pwned handsets.

NavAway intelligently hides the navigation bar relative to scrolling direction

Upon refreshing your Cydia sources this week, you should take note of a new free jailbreak tweak called NavAway by iOS developer Wh0ba.

Just as the tweak’s name suggests, NavAway makes your iPhone’s navigation bar magically disappear as you scroll down in specific scrollable applications. When you begin scrolling back up in the app, NavAway intelligently reveals the navigation bar again for your convenience.

Miss how notifications looked in iOS 9? Try a new tweak called Nine

iOS 11 introduced a polarizing makeover for notifications on the Lock screen, Notification Center, and throughout the rest of the operating system. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is onboard with the redesign.

Fortunately, you now have the option of rolling back the look and feel of your iPhone or iPad’s incoming notifications with a new free jailbreak tweak called Nine by iOS developer Jake Kaslewicz.

Parts of iBoot and SecureROM source code from iOS 9 leaked online

Matrix code hacked iPhone.

Bits and pieces of iBoot and Bootrom (SecureROM) source code from an iOS 9 build have been leaked to the public for specific devices via GitHub, and this has the potential to spell out good news for the jailbreak community.

For those who don’t already know, these software components help ensure that the iOS devices we use each and every day boot up securely. Exploiting these components of iOS can yield permanent jailbreaks for supported devices, which underscores the significance of this leak.

This tweak disables the bothersome screenshot banners in several apps

A developing trend inside of App Store apps is to display an in-house notification banner anytime you snap a screenshot from within those apps. Although they’re supposed to make sharing things more accessible, some people don’t find the provided sharing options useful.

A whole host of recent jailbreak tweaks responded to these banners in apps like Instagram and Spotify, but a new free release called KillinAppsScreenshot by iOS developer CydiaGeek strives to become the ultimate all-in-one solution to disable these annoying banners in every one of your apps.

Augment your BBM app experience with the new BBMEasy tweak

Just like almost any other app available in the iOS App Store, the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app could do with a few improvements. iOS developer Ahmed Bafkir had a keen eye for finding ways to augment the BBM experience, so he launched a new free jailbreak tweak called BBMEasy in Cydia.

After installation, you can visit the BBMEasy preference pane inside of the Settings app and discover all the ways you can customize your BBM app experience.