iOS 5.1

Camera Grabber for iOS 5 video walkthrough

One of the biggest features of iOS 5.1 is the new Lock screen camera functionality. In fact, we dedicated a post and video exclusively to the new Lock screen camera.

The problem is this; if you’re one of the many that wishes to maintain an untethered jailbreak, you can’t enjoy the fruits of Apple’s labor. This is because the 5.1 update kills your untethered jailbreak.

That’s where Camera Grabber for iOS 5 comes into play. This is a jailbreak tweak that allows pre-5.1 devices to enjoy the same Lock screen camera functionality as iOS 5.1 users.

How does it work? Check inside for the answer…

Roughly 80% of iOS users are running on iOS 5 or later

Indie developer David Smith recently published some interesting statistics to his personal blog regarding the adoption rate of iOS versions 5.0 and later. Apple released iOS 5 last October, and has since seeded two incremental updates.

Smith pulled the data from the user base of his popular iOS app, Audiobooks. The app sees about 100 thousand downloads on a weekly basis, so admittedly, its users provide a nice little test market. Now, on to the numbers…

Safari exploit that allows URL spoofing discovered in iOS 5.1

Although iOS is considered to be one of the safest mobile operating systems on the market, it’s not perfect. This is something that those of us in the jailbreak community know all too well.

With that in mind, it’s not terribly surprising that another security bug has recently been discovered in Apple’s software. Reports are surfacing today that an exploit has been found inside mobile Safari…

Siri updated in iOS 5.1 with deeper Yelp integration

Apparently Japanese support wasn’t the only Siri-related enhancement Apple included in its recently-released software update. It looks like iOS 5.1 also brought deeper Yelp integration to the digital assistant.

Siri has always returned Yelp-rated businesses on a number of queries, but tapping those results haven’t always taken you straight to the Yelp application. Well, now it does…

The new iPad has already been jailbroken

Well, that didn’t take long. The new iPad hasn’t even been on sale for a full 12 hours yet, and it’s already been jailbroken. We mentioned yesterday that Apple’s latest tablet might be susceptible to previous jailbreak methods. And it looks like we were right.

MuscleNerd, a trusted member of the Dev Team, just tweeted out pics of his late-generation iPad hacked, and running Cydia 1.1.5. It’s hard to see in the screenshot (above), but the software labels his device as an iPad 3,3, running iOS 5.1…

New in iOS 5.1: geofencing icon in Location Services settings

We’ve been tracking down new features in iOS 5.1, and besides the obvious addition of Japanese support for Siri, there isn’t much exciting going on.

Earlier this week, we reported about a subtle change in Safari, which now adds a “go to this address” message in the address bar. Today, courtesy of iDB reader Tyler, we found out about a new feature that’s been added to the Location Services settings…

How to install iPhoto and iMovie on iOS 5.0.1

iPhoto was the big new app release that Apple touted at its new iPad media event, but the bad news is that it requires iOS 5.1.

For those of us with jailbroken iPhone 4S’ and iPad 2’s, this places us in an interesting predicament.

Since there is no way to jailbreak iOS 5.1 on these devices, updating now would not only prevent us from jailbreaking, but it would also prevent us from downgrading back to iOS 5.0.1 now that Apple has closed the signing window for that firmware.

So, what to do? Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround to this problem, and we’re going to walk you through the process on video…

How you can help hackers discover vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1

A few days ago we told you that the infamous iOS hacker pod2g had already started working on finding vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1 to use in a new jailbreak. The new software includes patches for the previous jailbreaks for both A4 and A5 devices.

Today, pod2g has come forward with another announcement. He is calling on the jailbreak community, or any iOS user for that matter, to help him find bugs in Apple’s mobile OS by sending him crash reports. Keep reading for details…

New in iOS 5.1: Go to this address

Ever since iOS 5.1 was released last week, we started looking for new features that would have been quietly added to the iPhone or iPad. Two major ones were quickly found, both related to the data settings of your iPhone.

The first one unofficially turns your AT&T iPhone 4S into a 4G device, and the second one brings back the 3G toggle in the settings of your iPhone, assuming you are not using AT&T.

And now, a subtle new feature has surfaced to…

Top jailbreak videos of the week

Last week was all about the new iPad and Apple TV announcements, but despite that, there was some interesting jailbreak news littered in there as well. Most importantly, jailbreaks tool for iOS 5.1 were released to accomplish a tethered jailbreak on the new firmware. We also demonstrate the new Lock screen camera functions for iOS 5.1, along with how to unlock the iPhone 4S..

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Apple credits “2012 iOS Jailbreak Dream Team” for kernel exploit

For those of you wondering whether or not Apple keeps close tabs on the jailbreak community, well, you can stop wondering. The company directly refers to jailbreakers on its new iOS 5.1 security content page.

As most of you know, Apple patched the exploits used in both the Corona and Absinthe jailbreak tools in the software update. And apparently, it’s aware of exactly who is responsible for creating them…

Pod2g actively working on iOS 5.1 jailbreak

Those of you who have ignored our warnings and upgraded your devices to iOS 5.1 in the past week will be happy to hear that hackers are already hard at work on jailbreaking the new software.

As expected, the 5.1 update, which Apple released last week alongside its new iPad, effectively breaks the exploits used in both the Corona and Absinthe jailbreak tools…