Camera Grabber for iOS 5 video walkthrough

One of the biggest features of iOS 5.1 is the new Lock screen camera functionality. In fact, we dedicated a post and video exclusively to the new Lock screen camera.

The problem is this; if you’re one of the many that wishes to maintain an untethered jailbreak, you can’t enjoy the fruits of Apple’s labor. This is because the 5.1 update kills your untethered jailbreak.

That’s where Camera Grabber for iOS 5 comes into play. This is a jailbreak tweak that allows pre-5.1 devices to enjoy the same Lock screen camera functionality as iOS 5.1 users.

How does it work? Check inside for the answer…


To use Camera Grabber, you must be on iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1. It will not work on pre-iOS 5.0 firmware.

Once installed, simply go to your Lock screen, and test out the new Lock screen camera. It literally works exactly the same as iOS 5.1. There are few discrepancies with the font size on the “slide to unlock” bar, but besides that it’s pretty spot on.

Even better is the fact that Camera Grabber is freely available on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. This is an excellent way to enjoy Apple’s new features without compromising your jailbreak.

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