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How to lock your Facebook profile from the app or a computer

How to Lock Facebook profile

Almost the entire online world is on Facebook, and if you want some privacy, you can lock your profile. It takes just a few clicks and is the quickest way to protect your photos and posts.

In this tutorial, we will show you what happens when you lock your Facebook profile and how to do it from iPhone, the Android Facebook app, or on a computer.

How to send Soundmojis in Messenger on your iPhone

Facebook Messenger app recently received a new feature called Soundmojis, which adds audio snippets for popular emojis. As of right now, there are only a limited number of Soundmojis available, but we reckon Facebook would be adding more down the line. The Soundmojis currently use stock audio sounds, clippings from TV shows, song bits, and so on.

How to change your username in Facebook on iPhone

Like most social networking sites, Facebook offers its users the ability to change their username. If you made a mistake the first time, then you can choose a new name for your Facebook account. Facebook is one of the biggest social media service on the internet, and is used by pretty much everyone who has access to internet. It's important that you have a username that includes your real name, so it's easier to find. Your unique username is what separates you from the others who have the same name as yours.

How to share Apple Music songs on Instagram and Facebook Stories

A white Instagram logo set against a colorful background

The Music app in iOS 13.5 lets you share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories in a manner similar to a feature in the Spotify app that permits their customers to share song titles as interactive stories. Follow along with us as we show you how to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories.

How to report conversations on Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger Report Conversations iPhone

Have you received an unwanted message or maybe a harassing one on Facebook Messenger? Luckily you have a way to report these types of conversations in the Messenger app or on the web and it only takes a minute.

To protect yourself from unsolicited messages, here’s how to report conversations on Facebook Messenger.

How to turn off your Active Status in Facebook and Messenger

Round Facebook logo with green and red dots representing online and offline status

Just because you're browsing your News Feed on Facebook or rereading some conversations in Messenger, it doesn't mean you want everyone to know you're available. You can change your status to inactive whenever you please. This way, you can use Facebook and Messenger without others knowing you're online.

This tutorial will walk you through how to turn off your Active Status on Facebook and Messenger.

How to stop your iPhone from uploading contacts to Facebook

Stop Facebook Uploading Contacts iPhone

While some might find it convenient that Facebook can upload contacts from their device, others might find it going a bit too far. Facebook states that they use the details from your contacts, as well as information others have uploaded, to provide you with recommendations. They want to make it easier for you to find people you know. Again, this might be fine for some people, but not others.

If you’re not okay with this, there is a fast and easy way to end it. Here’s how to stop your iPhone from adding contacts to Facebook.