Google Play Music

Google Play Music adds Downloaded Only filter, playlist editing, Shuffle Artist and more

Google’s iOS client for its Play Music service has received a little update today bringing a few useful enhancement to make the experience better and less frictionless. For starters, the new Google Play Music version has removed a major annoyance: you can now finally edit playlists on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Needless to say, any changes made to a playlist on one device instantly reflect on all your others.

And when sorting through your cloud music library, the app now makes it dead simple to filter only the tracks that you’ve downloaded to your device for offline listening. There are two other additions, explained after the break.

Google Play Music is free in the App Store…

Native iPad interface found in Google Play Music for iPhone

Google’s official Play Music app for iOS, in case you didn’t know, is an iPhone and iPod touch only affair as the software does not support iPads natively. That could change soon because hidden inside the code of the iPhone app, a free download in the App Store, is a native iPad interface. This indicates Google may be putting finishing touches on the universal binary which will take advantage of the iPad’s bigger canvas…

Drag and drop iTunes tracks to Google Play Music using new Chrome lab feature

Google’s official Play Music app lets you access both Google’s subscription-based All Access and standard music services on your iPhone and iPad, but Apple-imposed restrictions prevent your iOS device from actually uploading song files to Google’s music locker in the cloud.

Desktop users can upload their music using Google’s Music Manager application for Mac and Windows PCs, but now there’s a ridiculously easy way of adding those iTunes tracks to Google Play, using only the Chrome browser.

Now available in the Labs section of the Google Play Music web interface, and only on the Chrome web browser, this nicely done web app lets you upload individual tracks to the cloud literally by dragging and dropping them from iTunes, Windows Media Player or folders…

Google Play Music app updated with new UI for iOS 7 and other improvements

Folks trying out Google’s recently-released Play Music app for iOS will be happy to hear that a new version popped up late last night. The update, which brings the app to, brings about a refreshed UI and a handful of new features.

Among the new features is support for ‘I’m feeling lucky’ radio, which builds an instant playlist based on your listening habits, and other new radio options. Users now have access to Genre radio stations and the ability to search for them…

Official Google Play Music app finally hits iOS with free 30-day trial

Nearly 6 months after announcing that it would be coming in ‘a few weeks,’ Google has finally launched an official Google Play Music app for iPhone. The software allows you to use both Google’s All Access and standard music services.
All Access is similar to Spotify and other like-services, allowing users to listen to unlimited songs and create custom radio stations. And the standard service lets you upload 20,000 of your own songs to the cloud for playback anywhere…